First 360 Avatar clothing DLC out

CVG: Ski and snowboarding gear for little Xbox people.

Microsoft has just released the first clothing pack for Xbox 360 Avatars, which lets your little people dress up in Winter-warm ski and snowboarding gear.

The new clothing should automatically appear in your Avatar's wardrobe the next time you log in. There's not much there; just a jacket, a hat, some gloves and a pair of boots, but it's nice to make your tiny geezer all snug, anyway.

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Counter_ACT3698d ago

It's unlike MS to give stuff out for free. I wouldn't expect this to last.

ChampIDC3698d ago

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, haha. I remember when they didn't allow Epic to release the first Gears map pack for free at first. Such garbage...

mirroredderorrim3698d ago

MS does give free stuff out. It's usually a timed thing, though.

Xbox Street Gang3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I think Home is better than NXE.

My Home avatar is way more customizable and personal.

InMyOpinion3698d ago

Home is a standalone app which you have to start up everytime you want to use it. NXE is seemlessly integrated into the dashboard. That's the beauty of it.

Xbox Street Gang3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

It takes like 2 minutes to load up, and it still beats avatars or whatever doll house community MS is trying to create. NXE is just a more convoluted XMB. The PS3 still has the better UI.

Nothing to brag about. I have both.

InMyOpinion3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

You should study some usability and UX. So should Sony.

It will be interesting to see for how long users keep coming back to Home.

somekindofmike3698d ago

I got the impression NXE is more like a re-skin of the original dashboard with a few extra features and more organised / user friendly being the aim.

Where as Home looks to me more like a version of Second Life, revolving around games.

I though the xbox's NXE is more comparable to the PS3 XMB as they both serve the same purpose. In other words NXE & Home I thought were completely different things which is why when people compare the two on here it's confused me. I missing something?

thor3698d ago

Jenzo very good point and that's the main reason why I have reservations about Home. I mean, if Home was seamlessly integrated in some way into the XMB, you could seamlessly launch into all games through it, etc. etc. then it might rival some of the features found in NXE. As it is, all it offers is a stand-alone app that not everybody is going to use; whereas avatars, whilst they don't offer the same thing, everyone has to use them.

If people can only realise, that Home is NOT all it was hyped up to be. You can still say it's great; BUT as far as I am aware less than a year ago all the fanboys were claiming "Oh just wait until Home arrives then we'll have 3D TROPHIES which will be better than achievements, then we'll show them off to our friends, go back to our appartment and watch a movie streamed from my PS3, then we can launch into a game of COD4 together! Home will kill Live." And if you would kindly notice, none of those things you can actually do in Home, and it looks very doubtful you will be able to do them for a very long time if ever.

Xbox Street Gang3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I'm in the Home beta and its hype is justified for what it is. Dunno what you are expecting. Do you know?

Sure it may not be for everybody who doesn't have the time to invest or the desire to *GASP* talk to other people about similar interest, but it does what it's supposed to do very well.

Stop sitting here trying to convince people YOU think it wont live up to the hype. And in a sense it does kill offers something very essential to any online service- a unified community.

thor3698d ago

I wasn't saying Home was bad.

I was simply saying that it is certainly NOT what it could have been.

The features that were most hyped up (most notably 3D trophies) are not in Home at all.

However you spin that one, it is still a true fact.

Halochampian3698d ago

You make it sound like Live isnt a unified community. It is very much so.

It will even be more so once Primetime comes out early next year.

InMyOpinion3698d ago

Exactly. I also think it's kind of stupid to compare them like Xbox Street Gang did in his opening comment. One is a dashboard update while the other one is a standalone application.

I'm still doubyful to wether Home will have any long time appeal. If Sony keeps adding games and other content it might turn out great. Only thing is that it's biggest competition is gamers who will find it more comfortable to get their social interaction through games and not through Home. My prediction is that they will see Home as a detour.

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