Godfall Update 2.4.54 Now Available with Patch Notes

Game company Counterplay Games released the newest update for video game Godfall.

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thejigisup54d ago

This game needs a bigger update, I find myself waiting for a major update that actually addresses issues with the core game itself. Bug fixes are always welcomed but I would really like this game to fix things like the matchmaking. If there's one thing that really hurt the game it was its poor matchmaking..

fonduktoe54d ago

Poor matchmaking? It doesn't even have matchmaking. Pretty sure the devs for this game came out of a time machine from the 1990's and released this overpriced crap before traveling back.

thejigisup54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

They got me for the ascended version, its a shame because this game has massive potential. I just hope they realize and embrace that.

darthv7254d ago

I hear this game is coming to series X/S and will be some sort of complete edition with all dlc. So it's likely that the big update you are waiting for is happening all at the same time with the release on the other platform.

ikarodemon54d ago

Amazing Graphics and terrible gameplay. The most smoke and mirrors game i see in years.

jukins54d ago

And still no matchmaking....


Besides no matchmaking the game needs to fix the combat. Simply allow me to attack cancel, that would change the game dramatically. Being locked into an attack and not being able to roll or block out of it is unacceptable.