70° : Inside The Old Republic

This sort of brand synergy is what gets game industry execs very excited. The Old Republic is going to be "ground breaking" says Ray Muzyka, CEO of BioWare,. "it's a whole galaxy, it's a galaxy of Star Wars". One thing that is clear is that Star Wars has a host of reasons for being prime MMOG material, even though the less-than-stellar performance of Star Wars Galaxies means there should be no complacency about the licence. It is perhaps the most visually iconic science-fiction setting that exists, and one with incredible mainstream awareness.

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Darrius Cole3697d ago

People play Stars Wars games to pretend to be an all-powerful Jedi or Sith Lord. You can't be either if every one you encounter is a Jedi/Sith that is as strong as you are.

I really would like just a simple KOTOR sequel. Hell, I would even settle for a prequel.