UK to slip to fifth place in global game rankings

The UK game industry faces being overtaken by Korea, Canada and China in 2009 and dropping to fifth place in global rankings, according to a report by NESTA.

The report, Raise the Game, cites a skills shortage, funding crisis, a lack of global scale publishers and poor online development in the region as the cause of the decline, which would represent a drop of two places since the UK fell to third place in 2007.

"UK videogames producers are recognised to be amongst the most innovative in the world. Our recommendations offer ways that the Government can boost the power of this sector so that we maintain our strong global position," said Jonathan Kestenbaum, chief executive of NESTA.

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shadowghost7523695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

lets see the uk has games such as motorstorm, little big planet, GTA4, wipEout, Fable, Burnout, and many companies (including the SCEE development team) that provide great games all year round i think that the Uk isn't slipping down any table any time soon

timmyrulz3695d ago

This is because a large portion of uk devs develop for Sony and apart from MGS4, sales on the ps3 have been lacklustre compared to their counterparts.

Austin_SJ3695d ago

The government is too harsh on Games companies as well, they don't get any tax breaks in the same way music or movie companies do.