Microsoft: We are Competing with Nintendo

Spong Write: But apparently only in Japan.

Microsoft's Shane Kim* has been speaking to Reuters about the Xbox 360, Christmas, the opposition and the future. In doing so, he's finally come out and said that the Xbox 360 is competing with Nintendo if only in Japan.

Kim explained that, "We continue to focus tremendously internationally, Europe in particular is a very big area of focus for us," before continuing, "Japan has always been an important market for us. That's an interesting challenge because you're competing with Sony and Nintendo on their home turf there".

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Rock Bottom3696d ago

It's Shane Kim, I'd pay money to see this guy doing stand-up comedy. :D

InMyOpinion3696d ago

Twisting the headlines as usual.

Kim says: "Japan has always been an important market for us. That's an interesting challenge because you're competing with Sony and Nintendo on their home turf there".

Sony and Nintendo.

First they said MS and Sony were arrogant because they don't acknowledge Nintendo as a competitor. Now that MS are doing just that you still call them arrogant...

Enigma_20993696d ago

... is the fact that it took them HOW long to finally admit it?

SaiyanFury3696d ago

Sure they are. That's why Nintendo buries them in console sales each month. I suppose technically MS is a "competitor" since they're selling in the same territory, but trying to spin that statement as being positive just doesn't seem to work when your competition has sold nearly 30 million and you've yet to even break 1 million.

InMyOpinion3695d ago

Sony don't acknowledge either MS or Nintendo as competitors but instead of calling them arrogant you call them heroes.

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Danja3696d ago

Both Sony and M$ are competing with Nintendo...there's only one gaming market..and all 3 are competing..for market share...

what I also saw in the article...Shane stated that next gen consoles might take a Wii like path..I hope not...can't we have both..? ^_^

CBaoth3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

in respect to next gen systems from Sony and MS following Nintendo's lead. Is that a bad thing though? 1080p is the foreseeable standard resolution for TVs. 7.1 audio is good enough sound for another 5-7 years of gaming. Luxury options that made it a necessity for multiple SKUs this gen wont be needed as most will be cheap enough to be included as standard features. Basically, we've hit a temporary ceiling so to speak as far as consoles are concerned IMO. Both consoles struggle with native HD resolutions as it is now, with tons of software plagued w/ screen tearing, pop-in, and dodgy framerates. We wont see an exponential increase in memory either but 2-3 gigs would be ample RAM to run games in 1080p native rez @60FPS (and at a $399 initial price point too!).

Going back to the old NES days when Nintendo's Q&A was the gold standard is not a bad thing - it would be welcomed in my eyes. If I'm gonna play a turd, at least make it a polished one. We've spent so much time the last 3 gens worrying about hardware moreso than the games themselves. Focus more on gaming, less on the HW. That way we can get back to the days of criticizing games based on their merits, not the platform they appear on.

ChickeyCantor3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

if they go the same path, it doesn't mean they won't be pushing hardware to a new level by definition.

But more like in a sense that the casual crowd could enjoy the 360 too(a new controller maybe? Cleaner interface? more accessible...?).

Things won't change much, developer would still make those "core" games.

edit: also what ^ he said.

AWBrawler3696d ago

Sidar gets it why can't you guys? I am Hardcore gamer, and I only own the Wii this gen, and I've found plenty of games I enjoy daily. I still play BWii, Brawl, Kart, and PES 2008 online daily. So please stop thinking Wii is anti-hardcore, cause thats a stupid assumption. You get the best of both worlds casual and hardcore.
Thats all I'm saying.

YouNoob3696d ago

game sales figures of each system, shows clearly that MS and Nintendo are competing. Even the so called top games on the ps3 dont sell anywhere near to what the 360 and the Wii top titles turn around.

of course sony is competing as well in the gaming market(or let's say trying to) but their market share when it comes to games sold, is modest at best.

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Citizen Cook3696d ago

8 Million gap and widening!

PS3rd = 17 Million
360 = 25 Million

Time to concentrate on closing that Wii gap now. Forget Sony, let them compete with the gismondo or something...

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