Play Killzone 2 campaign today (Europe)

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is offering PlayStation 3 users the chance to play Killzone 2 today. And not just the multiplayer. Win tickets and you'll get hands-on time with the Killzone 2 campaign.

The event is taking place today at the VUE Cinema at Leicester Square as part of the 'silver screen' advertising promotion Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is currently running. There'll be a special screening of the kick-ass Aliens movie and demo pods where attendees can get hands-on time with Killzone 2.

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pwnsause3695d ago

well EU owners, good luck you lucky bastards!!!

Danja3695d ago

but yet they complain Sony doesn't appreciate

meepmoopmeep3695d ago

nice for you EU peeps.

i'd rather play it on my HDTV with 5.1 blasting though

Hellsvacancy3695d ago

Leicesters only a 30 minute drive from where i live, id love to see Aliens in the cinema

Counter_ACT3695d ago

Me too, that'd be so awesome! Shame im miles away. ;(

gameforall3694d ago

but I went online to late. ;(

Otak0n6933695d ago

but im not living in England..

theEnemy3695d ago

has "awesomeness" written all over it.

I just hope Guerilla won't give too much demo so that people who played it will crave for moaarr.

Arsenal4Ever3695d ago


can confirm that you have been successful and you and a friend are welcome down to Vue West End, 3 Cranbourne Street, Leicester Square, London
WC2H 7AL. For exclusive hands on with the latest Killzone 2 code as well as access to the screening of Aliens in the main cinema.

If you enter on the right handside of the foyer at 18:00 this evening and you'll be greeted by our host and directed up to the event.

Arsenal4Ever3695d ago

YESSSS.... KZ2 BETA and now this. Thank the lord.

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