Sustained Surge of Xbox Live Traffic Observed

Ontario-based Sandvine announced today that using its network traffic tools it has identified a surge in traffic and hosts for Xbox Live across North American broadband networks in the fall after the release of new Xbox games.

Even more important, the Xbox Live traffic surge identified in the fall spiked once again over the holidays and has maintained a high level of traffic volumes and hosts.

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ASSASSYN 36o4909d ago

Still, dominating and it isn`t free. You pay you get more.

Boink4909d ago

xbox live will overtake the number of people on WoW.

Sphinx4909d ago

...I've got to say that the 360 wouldn't be nearly as great as it is without the Xbox Live. I love booting it up, seeing a friend is playing GOW, my brother is playing Madden, so I decided to join on of the two... or put in R6:LV and do whatever I feel like... all while downloading a movie in HD, or a trial/demo game.

PureGamer4909d ago

but oh well you can do that on the PS3, the only downside is that you cant play while you download.