Next-gen VR on PS5: The New Controller

From PS Blog: "Following the recent reveal of our next-generation virtual reality system for PS5, I’m excited to unveil more details about the new controller that will play a critical role in providing gamers with the VR experience we’re working to deliver. Our new VR controller speaks to our mission of achieving a much deeper sense of presence and stronger feeling of immersion in VR experiences. It will build upon the innovation we introduced with the DualSense wireless controller, which changed how games “feel” on PS5 by unlocking a new way to tap into the sense of touch. Now we’re bringing that innovation to VR gaming."

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waverider304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

Amazing Stuff. Sony keeps pushing gaming forward and not into the past. VR will have a huge jump this gen, because the PS5 is much more powerfull then the PS4. A new Controller was needed. This is game changer. Much better immersion in VR experiences.

gravedigger304d ago

● Tracking: The VR controller is tracked by the new VR headset through a tracking ring across the bottom of the controller.


gravedigger304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

This basically means there is no outside sensors or cameras, everything is in VR. Probably means in box there will be PSVR2, 2 controllers and maybe 1 cable.

● Finger touch detection: The controller can detect your fingers without any pressing in the areas where you place your thumb, index, or middle fingers. This enables you to make more natural gestures with your hands during gameplay.


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bouzebbal304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

Looks sick and futuristic.. I just hope you could connect the controllers so they become one to play normal games.. But doesn't look that way given X button location

darthv72304d ago

Some pretty amazing features going into this one. Can't wait.

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Drew345303d ago


This is what the DualSense is for. The motion controllers simply allows your hands to be free. So no, you don't need to connect them to play normal games.

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Matpan304d ago

Its great, and sure, a step forward from the last gen PSVR, but hardly any revolution. Taking a note from other leading VR companies on the right direction for sure.

RazzerRedux304d ago

Exactly. VR controllers have become fairly standardized just as game controllers have. It is a great looking controller, no doubt, but it is derivative of the others. And that is definitely a good thing. The standard form factor works.

Neonridr304d ago

yep, implementing what we have from the Touch / Index controllers already. Nothing wrong with that for sure.

F0XH0UND922304d ago

VR doesn't need to be revolutionized right now lol It needs to be improved. We don't currently have the technology for a VR "revolution."

This is an awesome step towards making high fidelity VR more accessible to gamers.

Muzikguy304d ago

I hope this means Sony will be supportive for it

Eonjay304d ago

I think Sony has proven itself this far. This is just further confirmation.

Sitdown304d ago

What is a realistic example of pushing gaming into the past?

1Victor303d ago

@sitdown AA BATTERY operated remote NOT INCLUDED

Sitdown303d ago

I'm one that is fine with AA, as I keep my consoles for forever. So I didn't see that as pushing gaming into the past.

Docmortem303d ago

Is this comment payed? ... I mean people wright stuff like ... sounds cool or looking forward to try it .... but "Sony keeps pushing gaming forward and not into the past ....."? ... If they did not pay you yet ... they prolly should.

TheEroica303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

Still don't wanna wear a helmet. Pretty cool though.

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RazzerRedux304d ago

That is very impressive looking.

Jolska420304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

So many people still has not played half life alyx me included. The game has to come to psvr2 right... Flashbacks to e3 portal 2 ps3 announcement

roadkillers303d ago

Half-Life: Alyx was the best full story VR game I've played. The only issue is the same issue every other VR game faces... the ability to move naturally.

Some like a fully support Omni Virtuix would be amazing in VR. Supported by a developer like Sony or Valve, that would bring the next era of VR and I thinking gaming in generally. Sorta like Ready Player One

CaptainHenry916304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

I know right. Looks innovative.

specialguest304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

It looks interesting, but I wonder how it would attach to a rifle configuration accessory with the a budge above the thumb area. I suppose the accessory can maybe cut off a groove to have that part slide or lock in

blackblades304d ago

Yeah, imagine someone accidently sitting on them.

F0XH0UND922304d ago

First time seeing VR controllers?

Fluttershy77304d ago

Looks way better than the maracas... I

NeoGamer232304d ago

Yup, for sure....

I am wondering about cost lol. Might be equal to buying a Digital PS5.

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TGGJustin304d ago

Exactly what PSVR has been needing. Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback mixed with VR is going to be amazing.

crazyCoconuts304d ago

It's been a really nice add on my PS5 controller, so to have that in VR too is gonna be great. I hope they update Hitman VR to fully support them

Babadook7304d ago

Yup, this is great news.

specialguest303d ago

VR is all about immersion and that adaptive trigger is a game changer

RaidenBlack304d ago

Less impact inflicted to oneself whilst accidentally punching the wall during intense zombie pounding.

uGLYmE304d ago

I thought the same 😂

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sactownlawyer916304d ago

Psvr2 will be day 1 for me can’t wait! Probably some time in 2022 is my guess unless they have set backs.

Gaming4Life1981304d ago

Same here buying it day one and i hope it releases next year.

1Victor303d ago

@sact me too and by the look of it I’m afraid I’ll have to get a loan to pay for it a new 4K TV a PS5 extra controller, camera and the headset at the same time with all the shortages now