Who's winning the quality war?

In the past few days there have been a lot of articles talking about who has been making the most money and which games has sold the most. The fact is that whichever company ends up with the biggest pot of cash wins, those are the simple rules of running a corporate empire.

However to us as gamers the most important thing is which platform gives us the best gaming experience. Now we could be logical and say that this is more a matter of personal taste than anything but then this article would end here and I need to stick in another 100 words..

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jcfilth3702d ago


If it was about sales then, that would make a Honda better than a Ferrari??? plz

Lykon3702d ago

Yeah i like that , i agree just cos it sells more don't mean it's better but i have to admit i am upset that banjo and kazooie is not on ps3 because i want that game, LBP looks too difficult for me. But i just do not understand why anyone would want to support a console that breaks down at least 3 times a year, i mean that has got to be taking the piss. It is supposed to be noisey and hot and yet all these great games on it with slightly better graphics and stuff, it does my head in, and the controller looks like poo to be honest, and what is with the wii a total load of utter utter utter tramps poo its just mentalness. I might get a 360 for banjo and kazooky but i will not be in the same house as a wii it offends me so much.

kapedkrusader3702d ago should really get LBP. It isn't difficult at all. It does take time to design your own level, but if you don't care for that, there are over 170,000 user created levels that you can try out. I've had the game since day 1 and every day that goes by, the user created levels get so much better.

Jdoki3702d ago


I was looking forward to Banjo Nuts and Bolts, but after playing the demo I can safely say all my anticipation dropped through the floor. I may rent it at a later date, but based on the demo it's not a great game.

LBP is excellent though, and I'd recommend it to everyone. I'm currently putting together a level and it's great fun. Half the fun is experimenting with the tools to do cool stuff.

The platforming element of LBP is OK, not exactly challenging, and I'm not the biggest fan of the way Sackboy controls, but overall it's probably my fave game of the year so far.

kesvalk3702d ago

ah go to hell with all these articles!!!

hay3702d ago

True, after the recent huge flame war I'm pretty sick of it too. It was funny for some time, isn't anymore.

ChampIDC3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Yeah, I'm getting really tired of gamers worrying more about which console is better than what console they can HAVE FUN with. Anyone can give you a good time depending on your tastes, so these crappy articles really don't mean anything.

butterfinger3702d ago

of all my friends owning at least 2 consoles:P I think the higher prices of today's consoles is the real cause of these flame wars. People just can't afford a $400, $300, and $250 console these days, so I guess many of them feel the need to defend their choice to the end.

The Killer3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

now is the time to buy which console u want, based on the exclusive games it has and hardware functionality!

but the answer to the article question will be PS3!

PopEmUp3702d ago

have the intention in mind by bringing the fanboys together into 2/3 difference side, and start shouting at each other with there CAPLOCK on

prowiew3702d ago

bah! Even fanboys are disliking this kind of articles. How could you decide what console has better quality games with a top 10!!!!...11 to 100 don't count. This is hilarious. Seems you cant judge every other good game released this year (fable 2, resistance 2, dead space, etc). But whatever, maybe thats why he is the lazygamer.

wallace10003702d ago

I have to agree with everyone above. These "my console is better than your console articles" are written with the sole purpose of getting fanboys all fired up. These articles just bring out the bad side of many gamers.

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ultimolu3702d ago

...This article is just asking for a war.

Counter_ACT3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Yeah, they're getting annoying now. Not the first site to copy and paste metacritics top 10 either.

pornflakes3702d ago

ferrari, lol.. italian crap!

If you want a sports wagon you have to buy a Porsche!

Jdoki3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Porsche, lol, German crap!

Sportscar flame war!!!

Lykon3701d ago

italian men are sexier than german men. german men do sometimes have nice meaty round smooth buttocks and larges penisis but they are plain looking and arrogant, italian men can be devastatingly handsome plus they have charisma and style also have large penisis and are hairy, so based on italian men I'd go with itaklian cars, although BMW's are german and there is a nice reliable quality car for you, plus mercedes of course. hmmmm do i go for the nice car and ugly bloke with no persdonality or the fiat punto and a romantic sex god?

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