First Impressions: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

Originally announced in 2001, and having missed its proposed 2003 release date by a considerable margin, you can hardly blame folks for suspecting that this long-awaited Iron Curtain shooter was little more than vapourware.

Even after Kristan was flown to Kiev and granted fifteen minutes on the thing, or after publisher THQ attempted to similarly irradiate our dear Mr Garratt in the name of publicity, those doubts still lingered. OK, maybe it existed as some sort of advanced tech demo, but the chances of it appearing as a commercial game still seemed slender to a lot of jaded PC fans.

And you can hardly blame them. The FPS genre has seen plenty of titles get lost in the sinkhole of development, largely because the PC scene has sadly become hung up on the shiny baubles of graphical excess, and so each new title must be able to boast something faster and sexier than its peers. Each time the visual bar gets raised, plans get revised or scrapped and programmers everywhere scurry back to their nests to try and get one-up on the competition.

Meanwhile, the average humble PC gamer sits at home, wondering if they'll ever be able to enjoy these groundbreaking experiences without forking over a fortune to upgrade the innards of their rig.

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f41c0n4899d ago

I'm looking forward to this game. As long as it doesn't get scrapped, I'll be happy. I'm patient enough to wait.