Dino-Crisis Inspired Game Instinction to be “Gruesome,” Devs Explain How Dinos WIll Feel Alive

Instinction devs share that the upcoming Dino Crisis-inspired game will be "gruesome," and goes in detail on how dinos will feel alive.

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Viking_mo314d ago

I seriously cant wait for this game. There's a few dino crisis like games coming out but this one shines more than them

excaliburps314d ago

I know there's no gameplay yet, but the screens and trailer look very, very good.

zacfoldor314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Honestly, I wish there were more dinosaur games. Nintendo is good about throwing in a dino here or there(not counting Yoshi), and there are several good "museum" set pieces in certain games without giving any spoilers....but I miss games like Dino Crisis and Turok. Even original WoW had Un'Goro Crater with Devilsaurs and the Linken quest.

Dinosaurs are just cool, imo, many people like them, they were real life dragons, so I'd like to see more of them in games.

Edit: How could I forget Capcom and monster hunter!? Capcom knows how to sell the games, lol! Capcom, hurry up and make Dragon's Dogma 2 and put a t-rex in there we can climb on. Also, Horizon had metal dinos, and that is still one of the coolest open worlds because of it, imo. One can never have too many dinosaurs in their game.

Nacho_Z314d ago

Yeah it's weird to me why there aren't more dinosaur games, a lot of them are inherently terrifying, and there's loads of variety. I'd be more scared knowing I was being hunted by a raptor than a bunch of shuffling zombies.

I liked the robot dinosaurs in Horizon but the real thing is better imo.