Guy Makes a Giant Wooden PlayStation 1 Cover for His PS5

Forget about faceplate how about a cheese dome-esque wooden cover for your PS5 in the design of the classic PlayStation 1! That is exactly what woodworker and furniture designer Chris Salomone decided to do.

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Fist4achin95d ago

That must be a beast surrounding a ps5

giveyerheadawobble95d ago

In other words "How to melt your brand new PS5 and make it look good doing it".

Nacho_Z95d ago

Nice job in a way, good craftsmanship. He knows he can't use it though right.

DarthMarvin95d ago

I like how both the PS5's intake AND exhaust are almost completely blocked.

gaffyh94d ago

I think the back is completely open...but all the other vents are covered :P

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