Square makes late Eidos bid – but Warner in pole position

A battle between East and West looks set to decide the future of Eidos.

MCV understands that both Warner Bros and Square Enix are ready to mount rival acquisition bids this month for the ailing British publisher.

Although national press reports have fingered EA and Ubisoft as potential buyers, nose-tappers are backing Warner as the victor. It already owns 20 per cent of the Britsoft firm, and would only have to spend around $30m for a controlling interest. A spend of around $80m would give it total control, putting Eidos' current market value at around $120m.

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RyuStrife3701d ago

Can you imagine a tomb raider RPG?

ShinigamiGirl3701d ago

No. But I can imagine SE milking the tomb raider series.

The Killer3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

i vote for WARNER, at least they want to inter the gaming industry and make something new and fresh, but what could the old and bankrupted SE do with eidos??

square enix needs for someone to buy it and make them make better RPGs! the last good RPG i played for them was in 2002 FFX!!

Rock Bottom3701d ago

I remember a time when Eidos published Final Fantasy VII for Square in Europe, man the table sure have turned.

Daver3701d ago

i hope warner win this

Darkseider3701d ago

Square + Enix + Eidos = Squeidos? ugh

Anyway. This is just a bad idea on Square's part. Seems that after disappointing RPG sales on the HD consoles they are looking for something else to latch onto for additional income and better penetration into the HD console segment.

DA_SHREDDER3701d ago

Hmmmm,, so thats the guy who started to make these crappy action rpgs. It all started with FF12. @ Killer, I agree with you buddy. FFX is the last great game they developed. I dont know why they are making these other crappy games. I know its mostly the Tri Ace teams screwing it up, but the trend started soon after FF12. You would think that they would realize whats going on, but it seems the Japanese lost all the magic they used to put into games. My theory is proven by every flop that has been coming out since the blue dragon.

If I was the boss at Squeenix, I would do things from a business perspective since the company doesn't know how to make any new IP's. First off, I wouldn't let Tri Ace make their own games. I wouldn't fire them because they are technically sound devs, they just dont know how to make good gameplay or story elements in any of their games. I would keep making DS games with dragon quest, Chrono Trigger,, and keep making games on the psp like Crisis core, Dissidia and all the other old FF's, then just have Tri Ace make next gen versions of them all. And while Tri Ace is making next gen versions of these games, the real Squeenix teams can do what they are already doing and make the FF series. Thats just how I would do it,, just do some fan service till the big daddy arrives.

Rock Bottom3701d ago

FFXII was one of the best FF games of all time, only FFVI and FFIX are better(FFT too, but that's not in the main series). but yeah SE isn't what they used to be anymore.

hay3701d ago

@Rock: I agree with you partially, FF12 is one of the best, but I wouldn't put ff9 there, but that's just my opinion ;]

Rock Bottom3701d ago

Sure, I understand that, many people consider FFVII as their favorite mostly because it was their first, my first was FF:mystery quest which wasn't a great game, then I played the awesome FFVI, as for XI, it's a love it or hate it thing, some people just couldn't accept the art style, which I loved, also, it had an amazing story and a deeper character customization/battle system than most final fantasies, that's why I loved it. :D

Gorgon3701d ago

As long as this doens't affect Deux Ex 3, I'm fine. I prefer Warner though.

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