Investor Group Pissed Activision Blizzard CEO Is Getting A $200 Million Payout

Activision Blizzard's CEO will receive a payout thanks to the Shareholder Value Creation Incentive.

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lodossrage740d ago

Executives getting massive payouts while the people that do the real work struggle and get laid off. As usual.....

kevinsheeks740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

mistake post.

FanboysKiller740d ago

He's definitely not a good person.

SierraGuy740d ago

You could tell just by looking at his ferret face.

Eamon739d ago

Bobby Kotick is practically looting the company now.

frostypants740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

I mean...being a CEO of a major corporation isn't an easy job...but $200 million is flat out absurdly high by multiple orders of magnitude.

DaveZero739d ago

I thought Arsenal were bad keeping Ozil on for 350k a week wages all while they went and fired around fifty staff members.

This guy however is taking the piss.

lelo2play740d ago

We live in a truly screwed up world.

ScootaKuH739d ago

We do, but this is capitalism. The alternative is a socialist society and then things would be a damn sight worse

InUrFoxHole739d ago

Lol. A or B... Only 2 choices exist.

arkard739d ago

Wow, it's early, but I'm pretty sure this will be the stupidest comment I read today.

Smok91739d ago

You’re seeing black and white in a gray world

DOSemp739d ago

@ScootaKuH That's a good point though.

spicelicka739d ago

Capitalism can be regulated too though, that's why people with high earnings get taxed more. The issue is with loopholes and manipulation which allows them to avoid getting taxed more. In this case he clearly used a loophole based on a clause in his contract.

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locomorales740d ago

I always amuse myself when capitalists discover capitalism.

LucasRuinedChildhood740d ago

This why government regulation is necessary. Otherwise, the Bobby Koticks of the world are inevitable

JackBNimble740d ago

The government regulations you're asking for takes the little guy's money and gives it to the corporation's.
Have you had your head in the sand the past year?

Where do you think all that bailout money goes? 10% to everyday Americans and the rest go where ?

wraith9999740d ago

@JackBNimble you literally have no point except that the current form of government regulation is ineffective at stopping the ridiculously top-heavy class system we currently have, which is exactly what LucasRuinedChildhood was already saying. We need to elect officials who do better, it's that simple.

Doing nothing isn't gonna help

arkard739d ago

@jack 22% of the bill is direct payments to Americans. Don't fall for GOP propaganda

The_Sage739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

Why should the government be involved in business? Everything they touch they make worse, not better. The only people who should even care about the ridiculous amount of money this asshat got paid are the investors. They have the power to punish the company for making bad decisions. You do not want government involved in anything other than law enforcement and protection of the citizenry. Head on over to Venezuela to see what happens when government control business. You know.... where people have had to eat their own pets because they are starving. The government is fat and happy though. Don't be a lemming.

LucasRuinedChildhood739d ago (Edited 739d ago )


"Head on over to Venezuela to see what happens when government control business."
I live in Ireland, a country which has more regulations than America.

I can't say that I've ever had to eat one of my dogs to survive, tbh. In fact, I could probably stand to lose some weight. haha

Common sense regulations to stop corruption and give protections to workers isn't something to be afraid of, and won't transform a country into Venezuela. Lay off the coke.

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I'd be open to an alternative to capitalism that doesn't cause mass starvation.

Question_Mark740d ago

If you think socialism could work, you know nothing of history.

Godmars290740d ago

A mix or balance of the two with a fair mix of responsibility, ethics, common sense and consequences for actions. An acceptance of consequences for actions.

lodossrage740d ago


These are the current countries with socialist policies

New Zealand

I know history well. And one of the things I DO know is that the ONLY times socialism fell apart is when a Tyrant was elected (which despite China's economy could be another casualty).

But before we get too much into it, do you know what a socialist actually is? And no I'm not asking that to be "smart" or "own". I'm asking because this way I'd know if it's worth having the conversation or not



This is my definition. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Socialism: a political/social philosophy or government mandate to provide value in the form of goods/services to groups of people with no requirement for the recipients of these goods/service to provide any value or compensation in exchange for said goods/services.

lodossrage740d ago


No that's not it.

Socialism is when basic country functions such as government, education, and medical are publicly owned and funded.

cooperdnizzle740d ago

Normann. That is what logic is talking about. Socialism or communism what ever you want to call it, is indeed what cause poverty on epic levels.

Maybe we could keep cap, but regulate wealth proportions, something like, you can only make ten times, your lowest employee or something.

Thomas Jefferson talked about this a very very long time ago and could see it coming. But what do I know....

neutralgamer1992740d ago


If you mean getting things done than yes I do know. China brought 800 million peope from below poverty to upper and middle class. Railroads and roads connecting nations. What is working with democracy?

We have a health system build with grade we have a school system that is broken we have a congress that never gets anything done and just stick to party lines so please do tell me what good is democracy. This country is more divided right now than ever before. People are scared of the word socialism but end of the day countries under socialism are doing much better than countries with so called democracy

one of the largest democracies in the world India let's look at how bad they are managing minorities and their Farmers have been on strike for the past 6 Plus months. Their supreme Court judge told a rapist if he was willing to marry that girl then he won't have to go to jail this is democracy

Amazon not wanting union because it would give more freedom and rights to it's workers is that the definition of democracy?

WelkinCole740d ago

Depends on how you define capitalism. If you refer to mix economies like most western countries yes I agree.

However fact is there is no completely capitalist countries. If the US is one then their military would be private owned and not publicly owned

locomorales740d ago

If ou think captalism is working I dont have a lot to discuss with you.

Rimeskeem740d ago

Social Capitalism or Nordic Model.

It's what most industrialized nations practice now including Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, and Canada. Pretty much all of these rank top 10 in general freedom (financial, education, rights, etc).

In fact, after the Great Depression of the 30s in the US, many of the same social programs were implemented that those countries currently have. In the last half-century, the US has slowly cut those programs out and increased spending on the military while deregulating economic entities. Give the fight between States and Federal government it's not easy to implement anything on a nationwide scale especially if it opposes what private companies want. Given Citizens United, these private companies can easily loophole their way into "donating" to politicians using Super PACS. These politicians then lie about giving actual tax cuts and give tax cuts to the rich for job promotion even though there is no evidence it actually works.

Basically, the money they use to make tax cuts is the same money they would use to pay for social programs and other regulation to keep people like this CEO from getting a stupidly high payout and base salary.

DarXyde740d ago (Edited 740d ago )


I would argue that capitalism with higher marginal taxes and certain sectors of the economy being off the table for capitalist interests by socializing them is an ideal system. Healthcare and public education would be great to socialize; the government is in a far better position to negotiate healthcare costs than insurance companies who are all too happy to deny coverage when you need it. With education, people would be inclined to attend public universities and, by virtue of capitalism and competition, the cost of enrollment at private universities will drop or provide much more in the way of scholarships.

That all said, there's no goddamn reason a CEO needs 200M as a payout. We're living in a world where Activision can recycle assets to cut costs, increase profits, and share that not with the actual creators who got their hands dirty, but the guy who sits in an office and continued to make anti-consumer decisions because the company gets richer, goodwill be damned. F*****g sickening. A 5M payout, I could understand. 8M is overly generous but not outright egregious. But 200M? Really? So you're telling me that he* (meaning no one else) was so valuable to the company that you're going to give him the money to buy 200 homes that cost $1M each?

I have to laugh at how bad this is. No one should be surprised if Kottick dies with his eyes open.

BlaqMagiq1740d ago


On top of that Denmark and Norway are considered to be 2 of the happiest countries in the world with their current policies and their economy thriving. The only downside to their economies is the high taxes, but because the average worker there have livable wages and plenty of benefits they can tolerate it. They're clearly doing something right. America can learn from them.

FinalFantasyFanatic739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

This, there's plenty of countries that have predominately socialist policies that thrive (referring to your list), and it's always tyrants that screw everyone over, just like in capitalist countries. People only need to pay attention to history, I often recommend "how money destroys nations" to see how countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela really ended up in the gutter, not the Sky news/American propaganda that often gets regurgitated.

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Godmars290740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

Don't you mean deify capitalism?

I mean, if you're in charge, you do get what you've "prayed" for. Especially at the cost of others.

Imalwaysright740d ago


The only true socialist state in the world is North Korea. Every country you mentioned has a capitalist economy wich disqualifies them as being true socialist states.

lodossrage740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

I said socialist policies, not countries.

You don't have to be a full blown socialist country to have socialist policies.

And no, North Korea isn't even a true socialist country because their government operates as a dictatorship. Which brings me right back to the point that the ONLY time socialism has failed was when a Tyrant reigned over it.

Imalwaysright740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

Ah I missed that and went straight to economy because that's what the conversation was about however your reply doesn't adress what @ Question_Mark has said because he was talking about socialism that just like @ LOGICWINS has stated goes well beyond socialist policies.

North Korea is indeed a socialist state that follows the Juche ideology

lodossrage739d ago

If north Korea was a socialist country, then there would be challengers to the Jong Un regime with elections.

739d ago
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monkey602740d ago

The exact same thing happened last year, And will again next year

ZwVw740d ago

This was the same case as with AMC CEO Adam Aron getting a pay increase to 21 million amidst the theater chains being in limbo for most of 2020.

Truth of the matter is these sleazy CEO would rather have it with most of the workforce being laid off. Less workers means more money for them.

Eonjay739d ago

A family member of mine worked security at AMC and was laid off at the same time as the CEO too 21 million.