Three Years Laters, Xenoblade Chronicles 2's Gacha System Is Still Making It Difficult To Enjoy

Taking a look at Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and how the gacha system of pulling Blades makes the game a dull experience.

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Kaii436d ago

The number of blades you could've brought to the Image, yet you brought Dahlia >.> lol

CrimsonWing69435d ago

gotta work in that click-bait somehow.

Nerdmaster436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

I agree with all points made in this article. Finding rare Blades through exploring or quests would've added so much to the game.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 basically proved that gacha system is bad even when you can't spend real money on it.

Nebaku435d ago

If you were expecting much from a series that sold its individuality to the devil to become "generic waifu jrpg #4012", you're to blame.

King_Noctis435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

Who is that devil?

CrimsonWing69435d ago

Does this same devil turn boring looking characters into something visually appealing to look at? Because I wouldn't mind if some other devs sold their games' souls to this devil... looking at you Naughty Dog.

TricksterArrow435d ago

Are you seriously saying that characters modeled after real women, actresses and models are less appealing than cartoons with eyes as big as fists, no noses, a line for a mouth just because bazongas?

CrimsonWing69435d ago (Edited 435d ago )


What's the difference? They're both fake. I'd just rather look at a character that's more appealing than something fugly.

And it's not about gazongas or an anime look. I'm just saying let's bring back some attractive character designs is all.

Kaze88435d ago

Haven't got switch yet and this game was on my radar...WAS. Really enjoyed Xenoblade games fighting, but making your weapons luck based roulette, fk that.

CptDville435d ago

I'll be honest, I couldn't even remember this and sure it wasn't any issue.

435d ago
Climhazzzard435d ago

To be honest, it's an excellent game with a great cast and story. The gameplay is excellent too, including the blades. Like the other guy that commented, I don't even remember feeling that blade pulling was an issur

Zeldafan64435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

It was mildly inconvenient as was managing the merc missions

SinisterKieran435d ago

i'm confused...was the game supposed to change 3 years later?

DefaultComment435d ago

thank you! a valid and logic argument right here!

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The story is too old to be commented.