Xbox Series X VR Not in the Works 'At This Time,' According to Microsoft

Microsoft says VR headsets are not a focus for Xbox Series X | S at this time after a notification erroneously mentioned a VR accessory.

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darthv72305d ago

Let them get fully engrossed in the 9th gen before they try and take on other ways to play. Kinect would have made a good camera for VR but alas... tis no more.

TheProblem305d ago

Yet they showed it all the way back at the one X reveal. How do Microsoft keep getting away with such false advertising?

Tacoboto305d ago

What did they show or say, besides a sentence that they've since clarified (every single time when being asked) as something they aren't focusing on?

4Sh0w305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

VR is still a novelty gadget...I dont hear anything about it from anybody besides comments on gaming sites with specific VR posts. I honestly think it would be a waste of money for Microsoft right now until theres a serious upgrade & push to make something compelling that would grab the hardcore fanbase attention.

Atom666305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

They pulled reference to VR months before the One X went to market. The false advertising suit would fail.

If you mean Halolens, that's still out there. Honestly, that new Mesh demo was pretty amazing.

giveyerheadawobble305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

Yep. T-Rex arms Phil Spenser came out with claims of "high fidelity VR" for the One X. Some people would have jumped the gun on that and went out buying one thinking MS were working on a new VR HMD, but then quickly found out they got shafted. Not only by false claims of there ever being VR, but by that console as a whole. The only reason MS can get away with such bullshit is because of how deep their pockets are. If that had been Sega (back in the day) or Nintendo, it would have financially crippled them. Won't stop people on here jumping to their defense, though. Groundbreaking things are happening within the VR space, yet some will chose to ignore them as a "fad" or as we can see in this very comment section "a novelty". Fact of the matter is that once you experience certain genres in VR that are done well, it absolutely ruins the flat screen TV counterparts. Anyone who's ever played a horror or racing game in VR will attest to this, and things like FPS's where you actually have to learn how to handle a gun and reload it like it were real. Well, there's just no comparison, really. If MS want to sit out this gen of VR, then that's them putting a double barrel shotgun to booth feet and pulling the trigger. Meanwhile Sony will undoubtedly deliver an incredible device and cement their foothold in what will be a rapidly expanding market in the near future.

4Sh0w305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

Yeah say what you want but Im not speaking to your personal preference for VR, Im speaking about the current market and YES by definition it is a novelty and thats being generous. I could easily call VR a failure so far based on hype of last gen, market predictions, absence/support in new platforms & its current state/sales. Hell even Sonys CEO Jim Ryan admits VR has been "stagnant" and doesn't expect it to change for a few years.
I agree Im not saying one day VR wont be that amazing tech that everyones been waiting for I just think theresmore to accomplish on the tech side before it will go mainstream. Obviously new tech takes time but at the same time VR has been around for decades so theres that & it wouldn't be the 1st thing Sony or Microsoft has failed at getting a foothole in the market, thats just the risk of doing business.

bouzebbal305d ago

Let them make games first.. Psvr is all we need

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Neonridr305d ago

At this point MS would just be better off partnering with an existing headset manufacturer and just allow for full support. MS had a good relationship with Oculus back in the day, they could easily allow for a link cable to be connected between the headset and the console if they really wanted to.

Tacoboto305d ago

Microsoft also has their own Windows Mixed Reality platform that has headsets from nearly every major PC OEM. All were built to work without external cameras and they even had a lot of thought put into the controllers.

Seems like a waste that MS hasn't yet put any of that work into Xbox. And that they didn't do that to start with.

Neonridr305d ago

yeah, I just don't think that Hololens in its current form at least, is ideal for VR gaming.

Father__Merrin305d ago

The problem with Oculus is that they have a forced Facebook integration which will sync your games. Delete FB account say goodbye to library it wouldn't work.

Sony has a VR set up and will get better with v2. 0

Neonridr305d ago

ok, but we aren't talking about Sony here. I was merely suggesting a way for them to ease into the VR game while they can work on a more powerful headset in the background (if they have any plans for that)

CobraKai304d ago

That’s what I was thinking. Get the Xbox to be compatible with a PC VR headset. I mean MS seems to be integrating PC into the Xbox family, so why not?

Orchard305d ago

I think they made the right choice not jumping onto the VR bandwagon - it hasn't really taken off, after years of attempts.

Thundercat77305d ago

Sony managed to create a good healthy VR market today where most people at the beginning told it was impossible.

Microsoft is not in such position to innovate and create a VR experience. They are struggling not to be last place as always.

x_xavier_x305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

"Microsoft saw an overall revenue increase of 17 percent to $43.1 billion, gaming revenue alone grew more than 50 percent to $5 billion in 2020 with the success of Xbox Game Pass and other ventures" -- Microsoft FY21 Q2 Earnings Release Report

Yeah, Microsoft's Xbox division is REALLY struggling. How will they ever survive if their console remains in third place? /s

Orchard305d ago

I'm not sure I'd consider ~5m sell-through with 110m+ PS4's out there as 'healthy'. That's a very small adoption percent/rate. Hell, the 360 Kinect outsold that 4x - and that was a failure.

Atom666305d ago

They need to focus on core experiences. Let VR grow.

PSVR numbers aren't going to convince them that they are wrong to wait, either. Still niche.

If that Mesh demo was close to being real though, MS seems to be on pace to be a leader on the enterprise side of AR/VR. Gaming will probably come from partners though.

Neonridr304d ago

yeah, it's not like Sony had any help from anyone else there.. :/

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giveyerheadawobble305d ago

It hasn't taken off? Its one of the fastest growing tech industries to have emerged in the past couple of years. Quests and Index headsets are selling faster than what they can make them. Sony have just announced PSVR2 after the first one being a big success, despite it being a new tech that no one really knew about, and costs as much as the console. Facts are this, in 10 years' VR will be an integral part of almost everything in society, and you can take that to the bank.

Orchard305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

It's bigger on PC than it is on console, yes - but still not huge. Being sold out isn't a measure of performance - we don't know how many units they are manufacturing and hardware availability all up is more limited right now.

"Sony have just announced PSVR2 after the first one being a big success"
~5m with 110m+ PS4 consoles out there is nothing to write home about in terms of attach rate. It's most definitely not a 'big success'. By that logic, Kinect was an even bigger success and MS should still be making them.

"Facts are this, in 10 years' VR will be an integral part of almost everything in society, and you can take that to the bank."

We were told this the last time companies tried to launch VR... we were also told this about 3DTV :P But if it's ten years out, then MS are right to not jump in this early on - why waste money/time.

x_xavier_x305d ago

"Facts are this, in 10 years' VR will be an integral part of almost everything in society, and you can take that to the bank"

This comment will not age well.

DJStotty304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

VR is not a "new tech that no one new about" it has been around for years and years and has been attempted across multiple platforms.

"Facts are this, in 10 years' VR will be an integral part of almost everything in society, and you can take that to the bank."

They also predicted this is the 80's, and it still isn't.

And even this :-

"The 1990s saw the first widespread commercial releases of consumer headsets. In 1992, for instance, Computer Gaming World predicted "affordable VR by 1994".

crazyCoconuts305d ago

Xbox not having VR is a clear reminder to me that I made the right choice in my console decision. I don't care if there are 5M or 5 of us, VR is the most interesting evolution in gaming that I've seen in a long time and is an awesome experience. I've owned PSVR, I now own a Rift S, my kid has a quest 2, and I'll most likely be buying PSVR2.

DJStotty304d ago

I experience VR in the 90's, your a bit late to the party lol.

crazyCoconuts304d ago

I did too. It's a lot better now lol

DJStotty304d ago

It was even attempted in the 80's or 90's if i remember correctly. Originally concepted in the 60's.

I think one of them was Sega VR, but i think it got cancelled for the genesis/mega drive.

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Abnor_Mal305d ago

I read an article from Upload a few days ago that was speculating that it might have been a vr headset because of the wording "headset". I think they said because of the phrasing it was unclear if it was VR, or earphones. The next day I saw on n4g the review for some Xbox headphones.

The article seems to have been updated saying that it was debunked by MS as per IGN Italy.

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