Australian sales charts, week ending 30/11/08

After spending months as the perennial bridesmaid at number three, Wii Play - with bundled Wii remote, which of course has absolutely nothing to do with its popularity at retail - has ascended to take hold of the top spot. The ever-successful Wii Fit held onto its second spot, for once looking up at its former sidekick in first place. Family-friendly racer Mario Kart Wii made it an all-Wii podium, securing the third place. Making its first appearance in the charts in fourth place is PlayStation 3 shooter Resistance 2, while last week's champion, Singstar: ABBA suffered a big drop, falling to fifth place.

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360 man3699d ago

not good for resistance 2 but then again not bad either

Darkseider3698d ago

4th OVERALL and 1st out of the PS3 sales is not good?

shadowghost7523698d ago

not good for gears 2 but then again not bad either