Outriders Gameplay – Is It Any Good?

CG writes: Here we take a look at the Outriders gameplay from the PC version on Steam running at max settings in 4K. Is People Can Fly’s game any good and worth being excited for come release on April 1st?

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waverider51d ago

Average shooter that copy stuff from other games but didn make it better. Right now destiny 2 beyond Light is much better.

DJStotty50d ago

How can you judge it as an "average shooter" when the game ain't even out yet?

I think this game is going to be good, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, you think it is an average shooter copying from other games, millions will not.

jukins50d ago

Umm theres a rather lenghty demo to form an opinion. You can get a feel for the game. Its an average shooter. A cover shooter where....taking cover actually hinders you.

DJStotty50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Like i said, an opinion on a demo, not a judgement on a game.

The opinion i took away from the demo was it was enjoyable to play, and made me pre-order.

What about the game do you and waverider not like? the cover works a lot like gears of war, so kind of came natural to me as a gears fan, looks like there are massive paths for different skill tree's, hit detection was on point, not sure why it is getting a bit of negativity. Only seemed to appear after the gamepass announcement personally.

Edit : not only that, it seems like it has a good engaging storyline.

waverider50d ago

Cover system with major problems, story doesnt make any sense, graphics are last gen and very plastic, because of unreal engine, enemies pop got huge motion blurr problems, but a friend told me that its better, bad lip sync, bad dialogues, servers problems, And demo is big enouth to see those kind of problems. For those who play Gears, this seem a poor version of that game.

DJStotty50d ago

I respect your opinion waverider, i personally did not experience them issues. Sure during cutscenes hair and clothes were going in odd directions, but not gamebreaking. I enjoyed the introduction of the story, as to why they were on the alien planet. I had no issues server side, i did not experience any disconnections or anything like that.

It is a last-gen game so i would not expect the graphics to be next-gen to be fair, all the issues people like yourself experienced in the demo, can easily be fixed with future updates.

What platform were you playing on? I was on Series X, so the issues you experienced could be platform related i dunno.

strifeblade50d ago

He's just jealous he has to pay for it. Next.

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spicelicka50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Even if it's a copy it's a new and fresh game. Destiny 2 has been out for so long that many people are sick and tired of grinding in the same game again and again. Also this is a TPS which makes the gameplay distinct from Destiny 2.

DJStotty50d ago

It felt to me like a Gears/Destiny/Mass Effect hybrid of sorts.

I liked it.

zacfoldor50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Destiny 2 Beyond Light has the best FPS gameplay on consoles. They have had since the first Halo ever to iterate on this gameplay formula. To claim any game is deficient because the mechanics are subpar compared to Destiny 2 is something I disagree with.

Destiny 2 has reward structure problems(imo), but its gameplay is always, ALWAYS on point. That doesn't mean I can't also enjoy Borderlands 3 or Outriders or Titanfall 2. One game being great does not reduce other games being great, and the near perfection of the Destiny 2 FPS gameplay is not a reason to complain about other games, imo.

Can you not enjoy Sackboy: A Big Adventure because Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury simply exists?

DJStotty49d ago

"Destiny 2 Beyond Light has the best FPS gameplay on consoles."

Nah, Doom has the best FPS gameplay on consoles, sorry.

_LarZen_50d ago

Really liked what I’ve played with the demo during my 20+ hours with it. All the classes changes how you play and it’s just so damn rewarding and fun to have to play aggressive. If your hiding behind cover most of the time then you’re playing it wrong...

And meaningful loot early in the game. Hallelujah! And the gear really changes how your abilities and thus play style is. It’s really good. And I’m really curious about the story. So I’m more then ready April 1st.

DJStotty50d ago

The only time i went in to cover is to recover health if it was low, other than that i was jumping around firing from the hip, hitting enemies with powers, it was great fun, all in 3 player co-op, so we were even combining the powers to kill the heavy hitters.

Vithar50d ago

Loved the Demo, much more than Destiny

Vaud-Villian50d ago

Very good 3rd person combat and classes that play very differently. Also nice to have an intriguing story to boot. I’m excited.

DJStotty49d ago

I can't wait to do multiple builds of characters, to see which one i prefer the most, even after completion, the replay-ability will be there to build a new character.

bunt-custardly50d ago

This game has a lot of potential. I really like the powers as you can get a similar "Bulletstorm" feeling from them. The game is a bit rough though. Could look better. Plays like a mixture of other games which isn't a bad thing. Keeping an eye on to see what PCF do to this based on Demo feedback.

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