The 5 Final Smashes that Everyone Fears

From WiiRincontrol:

The addition of the Final Smash to the Super Smash Bros franchise definitely brings a heretofore unseen level of urgency when it comes to items on the game. (Which is quite a feat considering that the hammer has always been available). As soon as a Smash Ball shows up, everyone involved immediately sells out in order to ensure that they end up possessing its power. Or often more importantly, that their opponents don't. A definitive list of the most feared Final Smashes is not really possible, since opinions vary. But here are 5 Final Smashes that everyone fears, and grudgingly respects.

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BrotherNick3701d ago

As a Ness Player I usually get the final smash due to PK thunder...many times I have won matches because of it.

Panthers3701d ago

wow I would like to see someone be good with him. I always thought he was useless.

BrotherNick3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

You really have to know the moves, like the yoyo works best to trick someone behind you. You also need to know when to pull out the bat. PK Flash is a great edge guard. When you PK fire someone, you get enough time to hit them with the bat.

qface643701d ago

lucas wooot or as i like to call him THE GOD

TruthbeTold3701d ago

but if only they'd just given Ness the beastly up smash...

AWBrawler3700d ago

His extra strength helps a lot.

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Austin_SJ3701d ago

King Dedede has the most annoying one.

AWBrawler3700d ago

Then why do you have so many disagrees? If Brawl sucks, hate to see what you think about Halo 3, or Resistance. They're both way overhyped. Resistance easily tops Halo though. Halo 3 was horrible compared to the first two.(which were awesome) Go play your PS360 you fanboy!

Bonsai12143701d ago

people actually play with items in this game? grow some balls, get some skill..

BrotherNick3701d ago

There's more things to life than becoming good at a game. If I were trying to become a sponsored player I would practice. Items make games more fun and unpredictable. :)

Bonsai12143701d ago

i don't play this game much, but items make it a lot less fun. it also helps less skilled players get kills for no reason.

basically it boils down to: oh, he threw a pokeball here. he gets pressure on this segment of map for 10 seconds. or ooh, i'm getting my butt kicked. but oh look, the game pities me so it throws out a final smash. it doesn't matter that i'm horrible, but i basically got a free kill if i can land it.

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