The True Cost of FIFA Ultimate Team

A frustrated FIFA 21 player has taken to twitter to calculate the true cost, in pounds spent or hours invested to obtain his Ultimate Team. Spoilers, it's one hell of an investment. In this opinion piece we examine the increasing practice of dressing gambling up as microtransactions, and the recent developments in Europe and the World to combat this insidious maleficence.

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Mr_cheese194d ago

Twitter user @ScudzTV has calculated the real-world cost of creating his own dream eleven, in both hours invested and hard earned cash. He embarked on a seven tweet tirade, illustrating that to achieve this dizzying feat, a person would need to invest either twenty two thousand hours playing, or a poultry £80k ($111k).

ocelot07194d ago

Don't get me wrong. You can get a decent team by just playing. I have done this my self. Buy I agree to even get just one of these icons it's going to take such a grind to the point where even playing at intended is just not fun anymore or spending such a large amount of money.