The True Cost of FIFA Ultimate Team

A frustrated FIFA 21 player has taken to twitter to calculate the true cost, in pounds spent or hours invested to obtain his Ultimate Team. Spoilers, it's one hell of an investment. In this opinion piece we examine the increasing practice of dressing gambling up as microtransactions, and the recent developments in Europe and the World to combat this insidious maleficence.

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Mr_cheese920d ago

Twitter user @ScudzTV has calculated the real-world cost of creating his own dream eleven, in both hours invested and hard earned cash. He embarked on a seven tweet tirade, illustrating that to achieve this dizzying feat, a person would need to invest either twenty two thousand hours playing, or a poultry £80k ($111k).

ocelot07919d ago

Don't get me wrong. You can get a decent team by just playing. I have done this my self. Buy I agree to even get just one of these icons it's going to take such a grind to the point where even playing at intended is just not fun anymore or spending such a large amount of money.


Bandai Namco: "Every publisher has to focus more on their own expertise"

European boss Arnaud Muller on maintaining momentum post-Elden Ring and the challenges of the market

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blackblades16h ago

It's fine to stay working on the same IP that you are experts and experience on. Considering the fan base etc but should also build on new IPs. If you are good at making jrpgs or fighting games you should have the experience to create something new in a new world new name. Cause lately its been remakes, games with the same series aka Cod, tales, FF. Sometimes gaming needs a fresh world unrelated to existing games yes it can flop like forspoken but horizon and got did fine and they were totally different then there last game.

shinoff21832h ago

There's all kinds of new things out there. Indie through aaa. I mean yea they don't take chances like they used to back in the day but some still do. Capcom did exoprimal(close enough) not my cup of tea (online) but just an example. Square did a handful recently, it's the eas and ubisofts that don't take chances

Knightofelemia2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

I just want a Xenosaga trilogy HD remaster or remake such a great trilogy. I like Namco they are one of my favorite developers/publishers. Love the Tales games and I would also like a new Dynasty Warriors Gundam game. I would like Namco to continue having great hits both new and old but I also don't want them to forget some of their obscured titles.


EVE: Vanguard isn’t “just another generic shooter in an EVE skin,” promises CCP Games

A brand new PvPvE shooter, EVE: Vanguard, looks to succeed where Dust 514 did not as a candid CCP Games reflects on its 20-year journey.

SlothLordPootus6h ago

Dust 514 was such a unique game back in the day. I only played probably 10 hours of it because the balancing was way off, but otherwise it was an interesting idea.

Inverno6h ago

Was a unique idea that was never realized, it didn't go beyond just being and playing like an outdated generic FPS. It never got better, and then they shut it down. If this follows the standard of your typical service style fps then it won't live long either.


An exclusive look at Total War Pharaoh Amenmesse, Egypt’s angriest son

Total War Pharaoh's Amenmesse isn't happy with his position in the south, and our exclusive hands-on look explains the challenges he'll have to overcome.

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