Is PS3 or Wii least recession-proof?

Is the PS3 likely to be the worst hit by the credit crunch?

The games industry is posting record financial results for the last year, seemingly defying the economic downturn affecting most other industries as the credit crunch bites.

But what of the future? Can the games industry continue to cheat the recession? Will we see an industry play it safe with sequels and major movie licensed product taking precedence over new, original and innovative IP development?

Nobody knows, yet. But, as ever, there are always industry analysts willing to take a punt on what the future holds in store.

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T-Baggins3701d ago

The thing is Sony can lower the price on the PS3 and make it look more appealing then the Wii and that takes a massive crap on Piers Harding-Rolls look on the situation, but Nick Gibson is right casual gamers, who are only casual gamers because its popular, wont care to buy a Wii if they think they might need money for something more important, so I think the PS3 is more recession proof then the Wii, but that doesn't mean the Wii's going anywhere.

ChickeyCantor3701d ago

" wont care to buy a Wii if they think they might need money for something more important"
That goes for "core" gamers and any other console too. =)

himdeel3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

...recession proof BUT I do think that as people continue to tighten their economic belts they will ask themselves with greater frequency, "What else does "X" console do, besides play games?". I enjoy having a PS3 for the games but even more for the other types of entertainment I can enjoy with the system.

Whether I'm talking to family and friends via a chat room, surfing the internet, watching tv via the internet, listening to music, renting movies, purchasing television shows/movies, enjoying blu-ray films, reading the news, or just socializing in HOME. The added value of having a PS3 responds directly to the question I posed in the first paragraph and makes the PS3 a more reasonable choice for SOME consumers even in these trying economic times. Everything is in the PS3 already and you don't have to purchase any extras.

I remember how ridiculously uninformed and naive I felt when I purchased my first PC with my own money. I was amazed at how much money I spent and how broke I was after having to purchase all the extra stuff. People tend to spend a lot of time focusing on the cost on the front end, when it's the cost on the back end that gets you into trouble.