The possibility of XBOX Game Pass on PlayStation 5 - Dash Gamer Podcast

Dan Rizzo & Brendan White discuss the Bethesda/XBOX Buyout and the consequences that may be felt throughout the entire industry, and how XBOX may potentially hold the key to open that forbidden portal. Could we in fact see XBOX Game Pass on PlayStation 5?

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XiNatsuDragnel1165d ago

If true then console war will be over in my opinion.

PrimeVinister1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

It has debatably been in a tense cease-fire for a couple of years but you are right, it would be the end of it as we know it.

Sonic-and-Crash1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

if Gamepass appears on PS then its the end of PStation ..i dont think it will ever happen...Also what s the difference with PS Plus ?? really ? in my eyes PS Plus offers the exact same things and even let you have the games to your PLus library forever

xHeavYx1164d ago

The end of Playstation? Are you out of your mind? Playstation has been outselling Xbox from the beginning, being able to play Xbox titles on Playstation would mean that even less people would be buying an Xbox.
Also, no, GamePass and PS+ are nothing alike. I do wish GamePass was available on Playstation, but it would mean the end for the Xbox console.

crazyCoconuts1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Cease fire? So you think when Sony and MS have their board meetings they're not talking about strategies that pull customers from the other side? I mean... they're competitors. Just because we see a few games that are cross platform doesn't mean they're not in an intense war for our $$$

Mr_Writer851164d ago


Plus and Game Pass are not comparable at all

Required to play online
Monthly games (usually old, unless it's an indie game)

Lots more game
More expensive
Doesn't include online (unless you get ultimate)
Has all MS first party titles on it, and they launch on day one.

Not comparable in the slightest. The nearest you get to game pass on PlayStation is PSNow.

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neutralgamer19921164d ago

If that happens the install base for xbox would diminish even more. If and that's a huge if that ever happens ms would become a content software company. The biggest reasonif you never happen because Xbox live generates too much money for Microsoft for them to give up on Xbox brand

Who in the right mind would buy Xbox if they could play on Xbox games PlayStation along with all the PlayStation games

enkiduxiv1164d ago

I don't know why people are downvoting this. You are absolutely correct. The 7.5 billion dollar acquisition was all about giving XBOX some highly desirable exclusives so they could better compete with PlayStation and Nintendo. Putting Game Pass on PlayStation would basically just be handing this exclusivity back over to Sony.

I understand they would still make money from the subscription, but at that point they would simply be operating like a big publisher, like Activision, EA or Ubisoft.

DJStotty1164d ago

That will never ever happen, again Sony will never allow a competing platform on their platform, ever.

GamerRN1164d ago

I highly doubt it will happen. It'll hurt Xbox from a hardware perspective

DJStotty1164d ago

Not only that, Sony would not allow competition for PSNOW on their platform, Microsoft would make more money via gamepass subs on Sony's platform, the xbox hardware perspective would stay the same, they do not sell enough hardware to warrant a significant financial impact.

GamerRN1164d ago

LoL they don't sell enough hardware? What are you talking about lol

GamerRN1164d ago


By that logic, Sony wouldn't feel any financial impact as they likely don't make anything on the failed PSNow network

darthv721164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

DJ, they could make a mutual agreement. PS gets GP, XB gets PSNow. Both offer streaming as an option on devices that dont support native downloads.

MS and Sony already have a deal inked on the use of Azure and it wouldnt be much to add in cross platform streaming.

Livingthedream1164d ago

Only hurts them if they put their xbox exclusives on the service

DJStotty1164d ago


For a "significant" financial impact, how much do they make on each console at the moment?

If anything, they are probably making a loss on the consoles sold.

"By that logic, Sony wouldn't feel any financial impact as they likely don't make anything on the failed PSNow network"

That makes no sense.

So you think Gamepass being on Playstation, will result in less consoles sold for xbox, and no gamepass subscribers on Playstation? What?

DJStotty1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )


"they could make a mutual agreement. PS gets GP, XB gets PSNow."

Would it not be easier to to make a console where Sony does the hardware, Microsoft do the software then? (I don't mean Sony stop 1st party, more so all xbox games on PS).

That would result in no competition between the 2 platform holders, would then likely merge, and then the gaming industry would stagnate with no competition.

It will never happen, if it does i'll eat my monitor on a livestream


"Only hurts them if they put their xbox exclusives on the service"

How can making more software sales, and increasing subscription numbers, hurt them? If anything, they will make more money.

GamerRN1163d ago

You guys DO realize the real money from hardware comes from the licensing fees that other companies pay for each game sold. So the loss in hardware sales gets offset by fees paid for having a solid user base and charging fees.

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Rude-ro1164d ago

Never say never...
It is just that gamepass is stupid.
It is fully targeted to the bot so thoughtful American “hip” crowd that does not understand money and or value.

It would hurt Sony none...
But it would then shine a light on how poorly Microsoft is as a gaming company.
They have nothing exciting, they just sell the idea that it is.
We are now at the point where we close our eyes and cross our fingers Tehran it comes to a Microsoft release..
My point? How in the world is a gaming company that has not made a new AAA game in over ten years offering a gaming service?

And so far.. 99% of the “new” releases are your straight to dvd movie that are not testing well.

Why would. Sony want and or need this?

DJStotty1164d ago

Good story, full of fiction, but nonetheless a great and entertaining read.

AngelicIceDiamond1164d ago

Wanda vision is a good show it seems you're in a infinite loop, broken record stuck in 2011. Saying the same things over and over and over again.

Radio static* hello... Hello rude are you there? One day you'll get with the times.

Buy entertaining fan fiction as always though.

Rude-ro1164d ago

Full of typos...🤦
But very real nonetheless
If you do not think Microsoft is starting at the profit possibilities of said service vs the years of collected data from connected consoles... then I do not know what you think is “real”.
I built a pc. I have Xbox live. I looked at the offerings.... and would not find value in most games offered.
You are a paying a fee to access games...
But the dlc? Micro transaction? Live service games like destiny?
It all adds up.
Then we have seen the output from Microsoft.
Charging full AAA prices on indie style games to make them seem like a better value on gamepass is not a value to be had.

More times then none, I see diehard Xbox fans celebrate bad games as a sales pitch for gamepass. They are still bad games. So I do not get why a monthly fee is needed.
Just drop demos and be consumer friendly.


AngelicIceDiamond1164d ago

"Charging full AAA prices on indie style games to make them seem like a better value on gamepass is not a value to be had."

You mentioned Destiny and all it's expansions. Well that game and it's expansion are all on Gamepass. Outriders isn't an indie game and it's hitting day and date. The latest Bethesda games aren't Indies Monster Hunter EA's games etc and amongst countless others aren't indie on the service.

Here's a tip education yourself on what's goin on before you say anything.

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AngelicIceDiamond1164d ago

Not only that but if Sony really wanted to compete in that space they could Revamp PSNOW. This podcast doesn't make any sense knowing Sony has their own service they could push and utilize.

crazyCoconuts1164d ago

Right. Not like they'd even have to do much of a revamp. Just put newer games out there and up the price. There's a reason they're not doing that...

crazyCoconuts1164d ago

Agreed. Sony would have to be in a position where it's completely backed into a corner and lost it's market lead before it would resort to allowing competitors to suck revenue opportunity away from them. It would be Sony reverting from being a platform to just a gaming hardware provider which is FAR from where they are now. So, kinda cold day in hell scenario...

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Elda1164d ago

Highly doubt that'll happen.

Futureshark1164d ago

Gamepass on PlayStation = no more Xbox.

Why would anyone buy one, if you can play all the same games on the rival hardware, plus all the PS exclusives?

LucasRuinedChildhood1164d ago

If it is possible, GamePass on PS5 would probably just include the Bethesda stuff from MS (no Halo, Gears, etc). That's MS's bargaining chip. Sony would get Fallout, Doom, Elders Scrolls, etc and MS would get at least 10m+ GamePass subscribers.

It's probably not going to happen though.