PlayStation Store Update JPN - 4 December

PS3-Sense posted up the full PlayStation Store update of the Japanese Store. Check it out after the jump.

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riksweeney3700d ago

Hmm, nothing special unfortunately :(

hay3700d ago

Quick recap:

Playable demos

► Mirror's Edge
○ 1312 MB

Complete games

► Linger in Shadows (¥ 300)
○ LocoRoco 2 (¥ 3800)

Game content

► LittleBigPlanet
○ SCEJ Costume Contest Winner (Free)

Themes and Wallpapers

► Cross Edge (¥ 200 each)
○ Iruma Theme
○ Eruma Theme

► Soulcalibur 4
○ Wallpaper 07
○ Wallpaper 08

► LocoRoco 2
○ Lime Tree Wallpaper (PSP and PS3 versions)
○ Loco Flower Wallpaper (PSP and PS3 versions)

Marcello3700d ago

So where`s the RE5 demo ???? :(

Calluk3700d ago

i realise the demo is out on the 5th does this mean the store will update again tomorrow, hopefully it will, does the japanese store add demos during the week?

Iceman X3700d ago

When you go to the JP PSN store you will see the date that stuff was added, some people just post to be posting. All this is old none of this was added on Dec 4. Most of this is from Nov and 1 thing is from Dec 2. People should read before posting.

Allowen3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I hope that the RE5 demo is good because after playing the demo version of Dead Space game I totally lost interest on buying that game and I hope the same does not happens to me with the new Resident Evil game.

CaptainHowdy3700d ago

Dead space is a new ip....u know what you're getting inn re5