GTA V Title Update 1.54 Has Reportedly Broken The Game On Consoles

Rockstar Games released a new GTA V title update today for PC and consoles. While it is doing wonders on PC, the console version is suffering from issues.

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RosweeSon51d ago

1.55 incoming 🤣✌🏻

Hawk19866651d ago

Who cares, game is old af and boring.

Ashunderfire8651d ago

The only game that has been through 3 console generations lol!!! Yes it is old af

ChrisW50d ago

LOL! What about Mario and Sonic? I think they've been on more generations than anything.
But yeah, GTAV needs to be let go. It is old AF! Time for a new cash cow from RockStar!

50d ago
MasterChief362450d ago

Super Mario Bros. has technically been in 6 console generations: NES, SNES, Gamecube (through Animal Crossing), Wii, Wii U, Switch. Shadow of the Colossus was on 3 generations: PS2, PS3, PS4. Resident Evil 4 has been on loads of consoles: Gamecube, PS2, PS3, PS4, Wii (plus Xbox 360, Xbox One). REmake was on Gamecube, Wii (through New Play Control), PS3, PS4.

There are loads of games that have been through 3 generations or more. I didn't even scratch the surface.

BoneMagnus50d ago

I think people just like to type AF!

Kornholic50d ago

Doom has been released on almost every platform imaginable and it is still fun to this day. GTA V has aged poorly, though.

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SDuck50d ago

I remember buying it day one for PS3

Then they dropped support for that when PS4 came out and didn't touched it since (even though I have the free PC copy Epic Games offered)

Knightofelemia51d ago

The game randomly crashes when trying to load and when it does load it kicks you out of the online part should have double checked everything before releasing the update.

PSX-9450d ago

Rockstar are some lazy criminal fers.

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