Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Outriders, Octopath Traveler, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, and More

New titles coming to Xbox Game Pass include Outriders, Yakuza 6, Octopath Traveler, and more.

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monkey6021219d ago

That's a seriously impressive list of games. I want to play Narita Boy.

Reviews of Empire of Sin put me off because of all the technical issues but I'd definitely give it a shot here

darthv721219d ago

Awe... and I just bought Squadrons from Gamestop last night. Oh well, it's on disc and I did so to play on my One X but now i can play it on the Series S as well. And Octopath Traveler is one I been wanting to try out

roadkillers1219d ago

If you bought it used, return the game. As long as it wasn't wrapped game, it can be returned. Sorry to bear otherwise

darthv721219d ago

^nah, I'll keep it. i like getting stuff physical where available.

thorstein1219d ago

If Octopath Traveler is coming to Xbox and PS5, then that means Project Triangle Strategy might as well...? Same devs. I thought Octopath was exclusive to Switch so I bought a Switch.

This is good news.

Smok911219d ago

LOVE OCTOPATH. I would recommend checking out some hints and tips prior to starting you’ll be happy you did or you’ll end up restarting a few hours in like I did after learning a lot.

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TGGJustin1219d ago

Empire of Sin has had a lot of patches since release. No idea how much it has improved but probably best to not judge it entirely on reviews at this point.

monkey6021219d ago

Ah yeah, I was always going to give it a shot eventually. Just not pay 50 or 60 euro for it at launch in the state it was in. Figured a cheap Steam sale somewhere down the line

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EasilyTheBest1219d ago

Some great games on there. I just wish I could get hold of an Xbox Series X so I can buy Gamepass & play them.
Sold my Xbox One X back last September hoping to pick up a Series X on release day, still no luck & checking stores online every day. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr......

Father__Merrin1219d ago

Sign upto Hotstock.io via app store or play store. That's how I grabbed series x. Just pay the £4.95 premium for one month only. You get an alert around 1 min before non premium users that's enough time if your lucky to grab one. Good luck

iplay1up21219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I got mine 2 months ago! You will NEVER be a to go back to last gen (last gen Xbox. I am playing Ghost of Tsushima and TRYING to get into TLOU2 on PS4. Ghost is a good game so far)Loading is very minimal, on Series X.

Quick resume is my favorite feature! You can switch between games you are playing in seconds. I am sure you know that already. Good luck getting one! When you do, it will be sooo worth it. Microsoft keeps updating for Series X constantly! Be excited!

JangoMan1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Me in third world country doesnt have official presence of xbox or ps5. But my dedication to gaming is way more than that. I was originally planning to buy ps5 but i got xbox series x from a guy who brought it from usa . I paid him almost doubled the price to get it. But since its purchase, i am super happy what it can deliver and what Spencer is doing. Cannot be more happy

RazzerRedux1219d ago

Nice. May have to sub for a month and try out Octopath Traveler on PC.

ocelot071219d ago

Depending when you last had a subscription. https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/... £1 for PC gamepass or £1 for Ultimate for a month. What I do is take the £1 off but as soon as I sub I cancel auto renew. Then let the sub run its course and let it expire. Then 2-3 days after it expires they offer Ultimate or PC pass again for another month or 3. I have been doing this for at least 12 months now.

RazzerRedux1219d ago

Yep. I've done the $1 trick a few times already. Keep expecting MS to close that loophole, but they don't seem to mind. I'm saving my MS Rewards points for when they do.

aragon1219d ago

I’ve only been able to do the dollar truck twice I waited a week and a half and it didn’t show back up ended up just buying a year of good and a month of ultimate which converted to 13 months of ultimate. If you have a secret way to do the dollar trick infinitely please lemme know how

ocelot071219d ago


No trick unfortunately. All I do is sub when it it's £1 cancel auto renewal. Once the month is over 2-3 days after it expires I go back to the link I just posted sign in and normally it says try gamepass for £1 or ultimate or sometimes one of them for 3 months and has been like this for at least 12 months.

chiefJohn1171219d ago

Hmm wonder why it won't let me resub for a buck

RazzerRedux1219d ago

Maybe this only works on GP for PC? Not sure. I do exactly what ocelot07 says above. Let it expire. Come back later and renew for $1. It may not work if you do it on Xbox. I do it in my web browser.

MadLad1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I played a good number of these, but Octopath, Nier, and Deadfire are getting instantly downloaded.
Outriders was a great get. Wish it was going to be on PC as well. Maybe a little down the road.
They both got meh reviews, but want to give Empire of Sin and Torchlight 3 a shot.

iplay1up21219d ago

The down votes are Sony fanboys. Those of us playing on Xbox know Game Pass is great. The Outriders demo was VERY promising.

ScootaKuH1219d ago

And you know for a fact that every downvote is from Sony fan boys?

You're amazing! How have you not correctly predicted the lotto numbers yet?

ScootaKuH1219d ago

I bought octopath a few months back for the Switch. It's a really decent little RPG. Very traditional in a lot of ways but with the 8 playable characters that can change jobs there's a lot of depth. Well worth a look

MadLad1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

I'm a much bigger western rpg fan than jrpg, but there's been a number that really drew me in over the years like Dragon Quest 3 and 8, FF 6, 7, and 12, Persona 3 and up, Earthbound, and Golden Sun, so I always try to give a new interesting one a chance.

Not to mention the visuals are really impressive, and actually remind me of those in Golden Sun, but a much higher quality.

FullmetalRoyale1219d ago

Wow.... I have Octopath on Switch, but I'm going to have to see the performance on my Series X. I wonder for how long Xbox can keep this stuff up. Absolutely insane.