Eurogamer Portugal previews Killzone 2

Editor writes:"This is the general format of Killzone 2, a game with a lot of action, destruction and adrenaline. With heavy music to accompany it is a pure pleasure to be able download a full cartridge. If we calm down and look carefully can see that there is still much to Killzone 2 be a perfect game. The absence of a story to match, a credible plot and an adult storyline may dispel some gamers. The idea of 'What are we doing here?' Is often present in us."

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Fishy Fingers3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Story seems to be a reoccurring problem/complaint of those who have played through the preview code, "why am I here?" etc. But this isn't something I'm concerned about, it's an FPS first off, and any FPS fan will know if your after an engrossing story you playing the wrong genre. Also, the preview build is 6 levels, non of which are the opening level, so the narrative is not set for those who are playing, it's possible that more story will be included early on in the game, before any of the preview levels take place.

AI, again, all the videos seem to be set on an extremely easy difficulty, I like to see how they react when their cranked up somewhat. Still, I'm sure after the constant criticism GG have received over their AI they'll make sure it's nailed down before launch.

Killzone, is like GG reached into my brain and plucked out exactly what I want from an FPS (my fav genre) game. I honestly don't think there's anything else out there that can compete with KZ for me.

Kain813703d ago

beyond Amazing.
For me it confirmes that PS3=PS3.5!!!!

pumpkinpunker3702d ago

this guy says the AI is bad

Joystiq says the AI is good.

It has to be one or the other. And people wonder why meta-scores are so just can't rely on one reviewer's opinion anymore in this day and age

kapedkrusader3702d ago

...but this sounds like an old review. He even speaks of a promised outside desert level to come. That level has already been shown, it's the sniper level.I have a funny feeling that this is just a recycled review of an older build of KZ2. If it is, I consider it to be very unprofessional and biased in their part.

diefor3702d ago

The preview said.

"Areas outside are promised, and could see at least a rough kind desert area." Another areas, besides the desert area is promised.

Mandaspt3702d ago

Its a preview code, many things have to be done yet.