FPS Boost On Xbox Series Comes With a Resolution Downgrade To 1080p In Some Games

Microsoft has released FPS Boost for Xbox Series consoles but it has a limitation for the rendering resolution thus dropping it down to 1080p in some games.

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DJStotty627d ago

And damage control/deflect starts.

This was already stated in the announcement/news by :-

"In some instances, because there are higher graphics requirements to enable FPS Boost technology, we’ve had to reduce a game’s resolution to ensure it both runs smoothly and plays great. In those select cases, such as Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 in this latest title announcement, FPS Boost is not automatically enabled for Xbox Series X gamers. For all titles receiving this update, gamers will see a clear indicator if a title is running FPS Boost."

We already knew this, how is this news?

darthv72627d ago

Honestly, I choose performance mode over quality so if these games run at 1080p is fine with me. I do that now with my one x and pro. Just got the Series S last night and I have it set to 1080p even on my 4k tv.

626d ago
DJStotty626d ago

I still have a 1080p TV lol, so i'm good with this also.

4K TV's that are capable of 4K @ 120fps are so few and far between, and still hovering around the £1000 mark here in the UK.

SullysCigar627d ago

So mark as a dupe, pop a chill pill and move on lol

DJStotty626d ago

I can't it won't allow me, so i comment :)

ABizzel1627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

To be honest you're the first person here and the only one talking about damage control.

No one cares and is fine with 1080p if it means higher framerates, as more people are finally starting to realize that higher fps is better than a higher resolution since people have finally been given the option (something plenty of us have been saying for the longest).

The only people who are going to complain are trolls and people who care to begin with. These are old games getting FREE updates, there's nothing to complain or damage control about.

XxINFERNUSxX627d ago

"that higher fps is better than a higher resolution " Exactly it's a much better experience overall. I posted about this a few mins ago here 😁

DJStotty626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

This article is a pure downplay of the boost mode and information we already knew.

You are right, no one cares, i mean i do as a FPS boost to games is good, but if people are fine with lower resolutions, why the article title :-

"Microsoft has released FPS Boost for Xbox Series consoles but it has a limitation for the rendering resolution thus dropping it down to 1080p in some games."

Why the need for this article at all? To simply get some clickbait going, and fanboys measuring again.

A positive xbox article, always spurs a downplay article shortly after, just celebrate good news for gamers, rather than downplay.

Rude-ro627d ago

And we already know everything of gamepass yet we need to see 20 articles a week on it.

Not a pick and choose world of information...
Info is info.

DJStotty626d ago

Quite sure each article about gamepass is either games added/removed, otherwise would they not all get flagged as duplicate stories and not get approved?

gamer7804627d ago

I didn’t know it it’s interesting info but again more options are better and Skyrim 4k60 so nice!

Profchaos626d ago

I'm struggling to understand that when we have a mod you can download that runs fallout 4 on Series X already at 60 and it seems there is no resolution decrease (the mod states 720 but DF advised that's not the case)

gravedigger626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

We? Who's we? Not everyone knew this

dcbronco626d ago

I'm sure once Direct ML launches they're boost the resolution back up.

gravedigger626d ago

Quote :

"This article is a pure downplay of the boost mode and information we already knew."

So, this article just quotes the MS words. So, MS downplayed himself. Or every media is Sony biased

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RaidenBlack627d ago

Hey its an option.
Having two options is better than one.

Neonridr627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

Higher resolution / lower framerates
Lower resolution / higher framerates

not rocket science here people. Now you have the option, which is what we like about the next gen consoles in the first place.

Prey maintains its 1440p resolution, Skyrim stays at 4K. The other 3 titles are 1080p to achieve the 60fps. The option remains to keep the games at 30fps and enjoy higher resolution as well.

MajorLazer627d ago

Pretty dissapointed this gen will have to be a compromise between frames or resolution. 1440p and 60fps would be ideal tbh.

Stanjara627d ago

In two -three years there will be a pro console version.

gamer7804627d ago

Skyrim is the only one that really matters anyways 4K/60 too!

badz149627d ago

it's a game that runs on the PS3 and a potato of a PC to begin with. surprise there

gamer7804626d ago

@badz149 it is an older game, but you are talking about the regular edition not the special edition that was enhanced for xbox one and ps4. They added alot of visual bells and whistles.

dadavis1992626d ago

Obviously the increased options here are great. I’ll take what I can get. But 1080p for Dishonored (a title from 2012) is really disappointing for me. The Series X is perfectly capable of running that game at 4k 60. Or at the very least, 1440p.

Neonridr626d ago

what did the One X run this game at when the enhanced version came out?

dadavis1992626d ago


The original enhanced edition was released in 2015 and ran at (I believe) 1080p 30FPS. AFAIK it was never updated for the One X. Even the original enhanced edition was an underwhelming upgrade from the 2012 console version.

TeamIcoFan627d ago

I was told the series x would be able to run all games at 4k60 and the series s would run all games at 1440p120, what gives?

kfk627d ago

Xbox overpromising and being misleading like usual.

GamerRN626d ago

I know... I mean look at Sony! They aren't even offering ANY upgrades

gravedigger626d ago

Sony didn't said anything special about BC. They just offered it like "here you go".

IRetrouk626d ago

None? Are you sure? Because I know of a few they upgraded, not to the extent that ms are for sure, but none is a lie.

Outside_ofthe_Box627d ago

Do you really need a link to remind you about all the capabilities people were saying 12TF was going to do vs "9.2"?

Atom666627d ago

Yep. Got one that matches OP's troll attempt, or should we just agree he's exagerating for the sake of fanboyism?

Outside_ofthe_Box627d ago

Yeah it was an exaggeration, but prior to launch that was gist of what people were saying. Remember the UE demo? People were saying it would run at higher res and 60 on SX and laughed that it ran 1440 on the PS5. This proceeded to be the case for a number of games revealed to be either sub 4K or 60 on the PS5 until launch.

Atom666626d ago

That sounds like some petty console war fanboyism.

So why do the same thing now? Especially in response to what is a pretty cool piece of tech here?

And wasn't that UE demo almost a year ago? That's a long time to be upset.

gravedigger626d ago

In the very Xbox site

"The team knew they needed to build a next generation console that could run games in 4K at 60 fps with no compromises for developers.

So, much about 12TF.

Jeez, won't even mention crap from Twitter.

Atom666626d ago

Got it. Cool. So like how Skyrim was boosted to 4k/60?

Not seeing "all" games mentioned, digger.

Seems like more over exaggeration, intentional misrepresenteation, and general console war ignorance to me. All for the sake of sticking it to other fanboys...

Outside_ofthe_Box626d ago

A year ago? People be bringing up resolution gate from the beginning of last gen(2013). Don't ever see you calling them out 🤷

Petty fanboyism... Even so called "neutral" gamers were making claims because they were so sure the ps4's worth of TF advantage would yield significant power gap.

Atom666626d ago

Calling who out? Someone from 2013? I've called out many fanboys over the years. You'll have to be more specific. But I admit I can't be everywhere at once, so some may have snuck by me.

Still don't understand the point to trolling people from the past. My dog shit on the rug last year, but I'm not going to go home and yell at her today for it.

gravedigger626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

Quote :

"Not seeing "all" games mentioned, digger.

Seems like more over exaggeration, intentional misrepresenteation, and general console war ignorance to me. All for the sake of sticking it to other fanboys... "

They didn't mentioned "all" but they surely implied to all. But also, with no compromises. LOL They already there in games, even at lower resolution.

Then you have some dumb Xbox fan who claimed that XSX with Ray Tracing is on the same level as 3080 RTX

He can't be that dumb. LOL

Atom666625d ago


Seriously, man. Please tell me you didn't bookmark an Xbox fanboy's tweet from 6 months ago.

This has just underscored everything I've been saying.

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Jin_Sakai627d ago

Stop deflecting. The fact of the matter is these games are getting 60fps boost while the other side isn’t. I suggest stop listening to fanboys. We all know every game isn’t going to run at 1440p/60fps.

DJStotty626d ago

I knew deflection would come shortly after my original post lol.

Most of the reason why i said damage control/deflect starts, it is here already in big salty spades.

nirwanda627d ago

At least quite a few games run 4k 60 and ms won't tell Devs what they have to do.
Where as Sony have complete control over its packaging and put a great big gold 8k on the front of the box even though the ps5 can't output in 8k at all

IRetrouk627d ago

Didn't ms put 8k on their chip?

Orchard627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

Are we now comparing chips to retail packaging? How many people see the chip vs the retail packaging...

RGB627d ago

Pretty sure both PS5 and XSX can output 8K, maybe not for games but for other media, 100%.

Xbox has 8K on the APU, 8K HDR on the box and 4K 120 FPS on the Box.

badz149627d ago


what are you on about?? the PS5 can definitely output 8K. that HDMI2.1 is not just for show. 8K60fps is supported and given the right input, the PS5 can display it just fine. they didn't specify it for games. 8K movies count too

IRetrouk627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

They advertised it didn't they? Posted pictures of it?, showed it off in teardowns? Sent one to digital foundry? Phill had it as his avatar on twitter didn't he? Regardless it was shown off🤷‍♂️
My point, which seems to have gone over your head, is that they both put an 8k stamp on their shit, its not important, like it, dont🤷‍♂️

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EmperorDalek627d ago

Well considering this is a free optional feature that's probably more complicated than patching the games directly, I think people are fine with it.
Only PlayStation cultists will have serious complaints about it... Probably to make themselves feel better that they may not be getting such a feature.

Orchard627d ago

Nice deflection but the fact remains that upgrading these games to run at 60fps without touching the game code / any work being done by the developer is a huge, impressive feat!

I can only wish we got the same treatment from Sony.

DJStotty626d ago

Exactly, quite sure they could even improve the resolution with a little tinkering.

DJStotty626d ago

Don't think anyone stated that as fact, is this just another lie?

They announced target resolution and what the consoles are capable of, just like Sony did with their PS5.

Neonridr626d ago

no console will. If you want that with all the bells and whistles, switch to PC.

gamer7804626d ago

UP to 4k/120, there is a difference.

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