If Sony PS3 Price Cut in '09, Will Xbox 360 be crushed?

There are so many of you out there who wish that they could own a Sony PS3, but there is one thing getting in their way, the price. It is no secret that the reason why sales of the PlayStation 3 have been lower than expected is because of that high price.

The most important thing that Sony can do to help kick start PS3 sales is to introduce a price cut, but the company has always insisted that they will not reduce the price of their third-gen console. Microsoft are not stupid, they know that to help keep the Xbox 360 popular a price cut is essential.

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Fishy Fingers3701d ago

3 measly paragraphs. Do people spend more time on their headline than article? Throw the forums a fancy title and sit back...

ConanOBrien3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

It all comes down to economy, Sony still have a small room to change the odds. There's a hope in 09.

na2ru13701d ago

But remember, when they said it's all about the 10 year life cycle, they probably mean it. And that means keep the longevity of it with pricing.

MS really went dashing ahead. It all lead to exhaustion in a way..RRoD? Now i cant see any more than ONE price cut coming from MS.

kevoncox3701d ago

What don't people get about 10 year life cycles?

1) The psx had a ten year life was obsolte in 5 years.
2)The ps2 had a ten year life was obsolete in 5 years.

By 2011 both the ps3 and the 360 will be obsolete.
The new 360 will be out and a new ps4 or will will be out.
If you think the Ps3 will be competing with these new devices in 4 years you're crazy. It is still being beat visually by the 360 now.

Aquanox3701d ago

I agree.

The quality of these articles are going down so fast I don't remember when was the last time I read an actually articulated text about the consoles war.

They basically say. "Everyone is waiting for the PS3 to lower its price. If it's happen, will the 360 be crushed?"

Where's the substance?!

As for the answer, I'd go back to 2007 when the Ps3 had its first price cut and say it's actually unpredictable. It would depend on many factors we're not certain about like both companies libraries.

Mr Fancy Pants3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

well @kevoncox then how you explain the Wii kicking the asses of the X360 and PS3? even the PS2 had outsell both in some territories this year... you should try to think beyond your nose man. graphics aren't everything anymore and with the updates the companies can keep introducing new features to the consoles so.

godofthunder103701d ago

you could tell the ps3 fanboys that posted an article for this post.Instead of saying something that will happen like they will both sell well because they are good systems and neither one is in trouble.Just look at SickNick85,you could tell that he's a big ps3 fanboy and he's bias,and childish for acting like he's acting.He said and i quote "If sony cut the price,microsoft will be in trouble...real trouble."

He's trying to say that game fans will buy the ps3 if they were the same price.The fact is that i could go and buy 2 ps3s right now but i perfer the 360 over the ps3.If the 360 was higher then the ps3 i would still buy the 360.He should look at hisself for exsample,the ps3 is higher then the 360 and he still bought it because he likes the ps3 more then the 360.The fact is that people buy the system they like over the other one no matter what the price is.The people like him that's trying to claim the reason every one is buying the 360 is because it's cheaper is just a ps3 fanboy and need to grow the hell up.

kapedkrusader3701d ago

...but what I don't get, is why the 360 is getting away with the Elite being at the same price (plus LIVE subscription) as the PS3 without a Blu-ray player and no one is asking MS to drop their price. And please, don't remind me that you can get the Core for $199. The lack of a hard drive renders the Core useless as a Media Center which is just as important. No Music, no pics, no movies, no buy.

The Killer3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

if by 50$ then it wont crush it if its by 100$ then yes, specially if it comes with or after killzone 2!!

the ps3 80GB should be compared with 360 premium or elite!

ps3 80GB is 400$
360 60GB is 300$

but people always think of the lowest entry for each console and 360 arcade is at 200$!! not all people care about hard drive, i even think they dont know that the current gen include it!!

ruibing3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Yeah I'm with you on these so called editorials. I've seen better forum posts than this. I expect an editorial (even on such an rhetorical subject) to be consisted of some notion or topic, an analysis of solid data, and finally some conclusion/suggestion/opinion based on that analysis.

@kevoncox - The PS2 was hardly obsolete after 5 years. We are currently at year 8, so you are basically discounting all the titles that were released after 2005. The list includes Kingdom Hearts II, Okami, Final Fantasy XII, God of War II, Persona 3 (and now Persona 3 FES), Persona 4 (soon to be released), Rogue Galaxy, Yakuza 2 (just recently released for NA shores), and a lot more than I'm just having trouble remembering.

Monchichi0253701d ago

This article is implying things that are wrong. First, it takes it as if people would see the PS3 as an upgrade to the 360?? Say what you may say but the graphical difference to this point has been none. Matter of fact, most games have looked better on the 360. And granted, Killzone 2 does look way better then anything out....BUT it's only ONE game, and a really special game at that!!! Not many other companies will break the bank on a game like Guerrilla did with KZ2. And it yet to see if will even sell (Cough, cough* LBP)

Must I remind you how the original Xbox was alot more graphically superior then the PS2, yet the PS2 wimped it's ass. So, NO it is not about graphics. Now BluRay player might be an edge. But then again, there are now cheaper stand alone players on the market....???

And while Sony may cut the price on the PS3, MS will counter with a price drop of there own. I mean, we're talking about price sensitive buyers here. Saving money is saving money....especially if your getting the same value.

kevoncox3701d ago

It is always about graphics. I'm not talking about which is superior within a certain gen but I am talking about from gen to gen. As much as people like to discount it the Wii is a jump in graphics from the GC. It's better looking than xbox was. So yes people upgraded because the graphics were better than last gen....

We aren't just talking about Graphics. We are talking about graphical ability. Every year more an dmore techniques are developed that obsolete chip sets cannot do. You think 5 years from now the Magical PS3 will be able to run these techniques?

The Ps2 went 10 years because it was winning by 70+ million
The Ps1 went 10 years because it was winning by 30 million
The Ps3 is and won't be winning by this much. Sony will have to jump to the next gen.

TO th eothers, while you had your ps2 and was waint for 2 game releases a year great games were being playe don next gen consoles, so yes, it was obsolete. Console generations are 5 years. Technology improvements demand it.

Silver3603700d ago

how about people buying more games so Sony can finally break even.

season0073700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

and now it becomes great success
who says sales ain't gonna pick up?
PS3 is doing just fine like all of its big brothers

yea and i know ken you can't reply NO MORE.. obsolete or not, was dropped almost instantly after the 360 were out, that was 4 years
where PS1 or PS2, well I've played a couple games on PS2, altho significantly less after the PS3 is out(i got it during launch), it still got some kickass games out there...or yea we will just follow your logic that it will become obsolete after 5 years

How dare you say both 360 and PS3 will become obsolete in the same year?
Base on your logic, the 360 will become obsolete, like its big brother, NEXT year, where since PS3 is going to last 1 year longer and is released 1 year later, which MAY become obsolete(again according to your theory) during 2011...

and heck why would you recommend 360 now?
also, like you will have to get some crazy Quadruple TrueHD TV by the time YOU THINK next xbox is out?
i doubt there will be such xbox or that kind of TV by that time because...

Sony's PS1 was a success, that was their first attempt in the gaming industry where...Xbox? DO you know how much money has been spent and how much is NEVER going to be recovered?

and now there is xbox360, where again a lot of money is spent and i doubt how much can overpriced accessories and service recover their investment...and again, you think this cheap console overpriced strategy will work again in next gen? People are getting smart and they will want all in one package..

Heck even a half past last gen Wii got Wifi built in and Free online, and Mii before avatars was innovated

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littletad3701d ago

This shouldn't be approved, and if it does, what does this say about the whole news guidelines?

Hellsvacancy3701d ago

U could post an article on N4g with 1 line of writing and the fanboys in the open zone (sum times me included :-P) will jump through hoops

Johnny Rotten3701d ago

These "stories" are getting a little out of hand.

Karum3701d ago

Based off the title of the article I'd have to say no.

As unappealing as the 360 is to me I think it'll be around for quite some time yet.

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