Thunderbolt: Persona 4 Review

Justin Boot writes, "What do you hate about yourself? Come on, be honest. Or are you too ashamed to admit anything? Perhaps you're not even aware of it. It's those perceived flaws, those nagging insecurities that can drive a person mad. Maybe you're afraid of failure, that everything you do in life will ultimately amount to nothing. How about the resentment or jealously you might feel towards someone more successful than you are? A close friend you keep around to satisfy your sense of self-worth and need for acceptance? How about your gender or sexuality? What's really hiding beneath that humble exterior, or that facade of an outgoing attitude? All your justifications and excuses might be the only things letting you sleep at night. Denial is the cornerstone of your behavior; you alter your personality, your actions, and everything else by measuring them against what is believed to be 'normal.' When it comes down to it, no one sees you in your true, flawed splendor. So, what are you really like?"

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Homicide3696d ago

Yet another perfect score for Persona 4. JRPG of the year.

AbyssGravelord3696d ago

HELL YEAH! I can't wait to pick this game up! JRPG of the year!