Skyward Sword is the Perfect Zelda Game to Remaster

Skyward Sword is the perfect Zelda game to get a remaster on the Nintendo Switch, regardless of naysayers.

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Highrevz217d ago

Couldn’t disagree more, the whole article read like a love letter to Skyward Sword that I can’t relate to at all. It’s the game that started the downward spiral for me eventually leading to BotW which is so far from the other titles I can’t see my self enjoying any other future Zelda title unless it’s remake.

Out of all the 3D zeldas it makes sense to bring it to the switch but it’s not the title I would of liked. SS fans are happy as it’s an odd ball title that wasn’t liked much amongst the majority of Zelda fans so I doubt they ever expected to see this game on the switch.

Maybe one day the Oracle games will get the Links Awakening treatment. Can’t see Nintendo remaking OoT or MM anytime soon.

Tapani217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

I disagree with you regarding some of the points, not all. I think Twilight Princess was the sort of maxed out of the typical formula, whereas Wind Waker and Skyward Sword tried bravely something new, and essentially evolving to BotW which became one of the only Zelda games I actually was able to finish. It was much more to me what Link to the Past was, but in 3D. Ocarina of Time didn't do that to me, I liked the 2D graphics and gameplay better. That being said, I like all of them, but mostly finished the older 2D games. My favourite is still the original Link's Awakening. BotW is what got me back, and I've been playing Zelda games since the very first one.

Highrevz217d ago

That’s fine I’m fully aware that my views on BotW are unpopular, it’s become another series I grew up loving but had to let it go. I don’t have high expectations for BotW2 but I’d love to be wrong about that.

I can appreciate the developers wanted to try something different with BotW but it’s not something I ended up liking and there’s nothing I can do about that. It’s been a huge success and Nintendo will likely continue making titles similar to that. Can’t deny that I’m salty over the Wii U tech demo turning into nothing like it. That gutted me.

I’ve always been a fan of 2D over 3D for Nintendo titles so I’m unlikely to get any future games made the way I like things anyway.

Zelda is now more popular then ever so I’m grateful for that. I hear kids talking about it when I’m out but yet growing up only a handful of friends had ever played the games.

Vits217d ago

I don't know if I agree with the particular part about SS have started the donward spiral leading to BotW. Because they are really the opposites as far as Zelda design goes: SS is a title that not only hold your hand. But carry you on pigback all the way. Its structure is limited by smaller hubs that you are not free to explore as you wish. There are a lot of pacing issues caused by puzzles in the environment and the highlight of the game is the dungeons. It is at least for me the furthest Zelda from BotW.

Though I do agree that is not the most amazing Zelda to port over. It make sense because it's the only modern 3D Zelda that didn't get that treatment yet. But for fans of the franchise is a rather disappointing choice

Neonridr217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

I can respect your opinion, everyone has their own favorites. Link to the Past will always be my top Zelda game. That being said, I loved that they tried to do something a little different with BOTW. I loved the one continuous world aspect, reminded me of the original NES game, one giant overworld to explore, not tiny bite sized maps with loading screens in between. Sure that meant that parts of the world were empty, but I wouldn't expect there to be a bad guy every 10 feet. I logged hundreds of hours in the game and I still found random spots on the map that would surprise me. Could use a little more variety than just the shrines everywhere, so we will see if they alter that for the sequel.

I miss the traditional dungeons and hope they go back to something like that for the sequel, the divine beasts just didn't do it for me as they all felt too alike since they were just puzzles to be solved and each one felt too similar to the others.

I also love that we had durability for weapons, but give us a way to repair them. Far too often I'd find a high level weapon and end up putting it on my wall in my house because I was too afraid of using it. I ended up using the Master Sword for the bulk of the game once I acquired it. Just give us a blacksmith or something where we can fix stuff.

I'd also love to see the Oracle games get a Links Awakening style treatment, they would fit perfectly as they were all created in the same style originally for the gameboy.

FyBy217d ago

I would like to see Majoras Mask or Twilight Princess as well.

Outlawzz217d ago

I like skyward sword but not at $60. Same as Link's Awakening. I'll enjoy it used from eBay like I did with links awakening on switch.

It's the last 3d Zelda game to "remaster" so it was kind of the only option. Oot and Majora's mask were put on 3ds and then you had ww and tp on Wii u. The other 2d games would require more work putting them at remake level and Nintendo is more interested in a quick buck usually.