Ghost of Tsushima Dev on Respecting Japanese Culture &How Sony Allowed Sucker Punch to Take Its Time

Today Sucker Punch producer and co-founder Brian Fleming provided interesting details about Ghost of Tsushima.

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neomahi63d ago

Sadly, Sonys more interested in pampering Naughty Dog to really support the talented studio they acquired just to tuck away. Its too bad for Sucker Punch. If they got the Naughty Dog treatment, thats exactly the kind of return Sony would get. Naughty Dog are rockstars because Jack Tretton put them at the forefront. Jack Tretton acquired Sucker Punch and tried to do the same with InFamous but Andy Jouse, Shawn Layden, and kow THE ABSOLUTELY AWFUL Red Coat Jim Ryan are neglecting them.

IRetrouk63d ago

Not true at all, various teams at sony get the time and budget they need, we have heard it from them time and time again, a good few are even hiring right now, not sure how you have come up with your take to be honest🤷‍♂️

Vanfernal62d ago

This article is literally about how supportive Sony was with the development of GOT. The hell you talking about?

Abriael62d ago

I am not sure how they managed to read the exact opposite of what the article said, honestly.

masterfox62d ago

Been playing Ghost of Tsushima on the PS5 for a while now, and no words can describe how stunning everything looks, the athmosphere portraying ancient Japanese environments is beyond belief, there is no doubt SP put all their talent to create this new IP.

In some moments you are destroying a mongol camp timing perfectly your attacks, evading, countering, blocking, you name it! , and moments later you are walking calmly in a field of flowers with gusting winds affecting all your environment in the middle of the night while playing a flute with your badass samurai hat, seriously how freaking cool is that!

isarai62d ago

This game seriously showed off just how great of an art team SP has. Their games have always looked great, but they really flexed what they could do here. The color pallette and how literally any moment is full of picturesque composition no matter where you are is astounding.

XxSPIDEYxX62d ago

Sony gives their devs time and freedom. Always equals amazing results.