Rockstar thanks GTA Online player who fixed poor load times, official update coming

Rockstar Games has confirmed to PC Gamer that a fan-made solution to GTA Online's abysmal loading times will become official in a forthcoming update.

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Snookies1262d ago (Edited 62d ago )

That's actually awesome. More developers need to do things like this! I've seen so many companies shut down fan ideas ranging from simple fixes like this to remaking games. If they would just hire these people and embrace that sometimes fans can outdo developers, rather than trying to send them a C&D order. The gaming industry would be flourishing.

Fluttershy7762d ago

One thing is Fixing or innocent mods and something completely different is unlicensed fan remakes of games. I'd love to see Konami releasing a Castlevania Remaster Complete Collection, but they think otherwise and its their property...
I remember people complaining about Nintendo shutting down AM2R... But what these people didn't know is that they were working on their own Metroid 2 Remake and something like AM2R would affect their sales (and even the perception of their own game). Less than a year later Nintendo released Return of Samus... A lot of people work on the Original and the Remake and they deserve their money?
Lets say YOU create something lets say a poem, or a song, or a photography... you wouldn't like ME to make money from it or even just to minorly affect your income

Highrevz62d ago

You’re not wrong in what your saying and I think AM2R did have some effect on the sales, but I paid for Samus Returns yet I got a better Metroid experience from a free fan made game. Conflicted on this🤔

VenomUK62d ago

Rockstar ‘thanked the author’? It’s been a problem for years and this one enthusiast significantly improved the loading of the game that’s made over a billion in profit. Rockstar should give him a financial reward.

Atom66662d ago

If they don't (and I have my doubts that they will pay him), I hope somebody throws up a donation link for him. The community will surely give him a decent reward.

VenomUK62d ago

@Nitrowolf2 That's great!

FinalFantasyFanatic62d ago

Why not even go further and reward these people with money or jobs? They're obviously talented enough to fix something a bigger developer can't or wouldn't.

Marcello62d ago

Thats nice that they are going to patch this in and have thanked the guy but if i were Rockstar i would have offered him a job.

SullysCigar62d ago

I'd also be asking questions of the person / area responsible for trying to fix this issue within Rockstar previously.

I know that's a negative take on good news, but you have to wonder wtf?! Lol

telgou62d ago

A job + bonus... this guy's fix will bring many players back since many people(like me) got frustrated with the loading screens and quit.

neutralgamer199262d ago

A simple thank you would sound a lot nicer with a small bonus

CantThinkOfAUsername62d ago

Rockstar awarded him $10K through their Bug Bounty Program.

porkChop62d ago

That's an awesome story. Goob job on Rockstar on making it official.

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The story is too old to be commented.