Valheim Developers Say There's “no plans” to Add Ore Teleportation

From GameWatcher: "Ore teleportation has been one of the topics that has divided survival game Valheim's community since it launched to massive popularity in Steam Early Access. One one hand, some players feel that being unable to enter portals – which otherwise facilitate quick travel across the map – while carrying ore is too restrictive.

On the other hand, a part of the community is quite fond of having to set up complex transport networks to carry ore from deposits to its cozy spot in their base. As Valheim's players continue to debate the topic, Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson has said, replying on Twitter, that there are "no plans" to make using portals while carrying ore possible."

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Grave57d ago

Move your base to the ore, not the ore to your base. Problem solved. As we've progressed we've made new bases to cut down on the travel times. Works really well and it's fun building new bases.

Eien57d ago

Make a new world, build a base there of repair stations and chests, then just log out and dump your ore there when you need to teleport. Same results but less resource cost.