Outriders is Coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One

From Xbox Wire: "We all got a taste of Outriders with the recent demo, so I’m thrilled to announce that Outriders will be available on Console and Android phones and tablets via Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) with Xbox Game Pass on day one!

Starting April 1 (not an April Fool’s joke, I assure you), Xbox Game Pass for Console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can jump into this true genre-hybrid from Square Enix, which combines brutal combat with deep RPG systems. Outriders is set in the distant future where players attempt to colonize a planet that they believe to be a new home for humanity. Turns out, the planet doesn’t want them there. Oops. A mysterious storm called the Anomaly burnt out all the tech that’s more advanced than a lightbulb, hyper-evolved the wildlife into ferocious monsters, and colonization efforts broke down into a bitter war of attrition for the last remaining resources available to humanity."

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Jin_Sakai921d ago

I really need to get a Series X. Gamepass is amazing.

DJStotty921d ago

I've just cancelled my 2 pre-orders lol

AngelicIceDiamond921d ago

MS is dishing out the millions day by day for gamepass. No complaints here I'm gettin my moneys worth.

seanpitt23920d ago

I wouldn’t like to know how much it cost Microsoft.. this game is going to get mostly 7/10 so will it be worth it.. idk

DJStotty920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

They may have just said in the agreement, Microsoft will re-imburse any cancelled pre-orders to people can fly, as well as a lump sum downpayment. I do not think it would have cost that much as they would only work out the potential loss of sales across the consoles.

People can fly will also make money through gamers downloading the DLC through gamepass at a 10% discount.

Not only that, gamers that did not preorder the game, will now try it out for free so Outriders will now be played by more xbox gamers than originally intended.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen920d ago

Sorry to slightly derail the discussion, but a year of PS Plus and PS Now is how much when compared to Gamepass Ultimate?

$60 + $60 = $120 + 1000 games on demand per year

DJStotty920d ago


That is like comparing apples to oranges, Day 1 games are not available on PSNOW, neither are new 1st party playstation games.

Would be better to do direct price comparison when the 2 services are identical. As of now Playstation gamers are paying to stream old PS1/2/3/4 games, with a limited rotation when compared to gamepass.

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thesoftware730921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

GP value in gaming is truly unmatched.

I can Honestly say that its has saved me a few hundred dollars already. It also introduced me to games that i would otherwise never pay for individually.

DJStotty921d ago

So true, i have played so so many games i would never have looked at twice.

921d ago
crazyCoconuts921d ago

For the record - that's $120 / year, $180 / year if you want to play online. Just sayin, it may be the most expensive subscription service in gaming as well.

921d ago
crazyCoconuts921d ago

@Justthefacts, yea if you paid $30/year because of a promotional special deal, hands down that's the best value in gaming for those first three years.

Shiken921d ago (Edited 921d ago )


I played over 200 bucks worth of games in 2 months with game. It has already paid for itself and then some for a year. 180 bucks is only three new games afterall, and GOLD is included at that price. The value is insane, and no amount of downplay can change that.

Its the best value period, promotion or not.

Highrevz921d ago

“I suspect that 3 years from now, the "loophole" to get Gamepass for cheap will be closed.

This comment is guaranteed to age well.”

It’s not a loophole but should the conversion come to an end, for me it’s still worth the extra price per month to get GPU over Xbox Live.

You should join now while it’s still cheap👌 We’re all having a ton of fun and you could do with the cheering up.

Neonridr921d ago

@fewDankMemes - it's so weird seeing a comment like this have so many downvotes period.

Smok91920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

CrazyCoconuts There are so many deals and websites like CD keys you should never pay more than $10 a month for the Ultimate pass.

DJStotty920d ago (Edited 920d ago )


"For the record - that's $120 / year, $180 / year if you want to play online."

False information again, it is $60 / year to play online, not sure where you shop, £49.99 / year here in the

Edit : ah, i see now, you mean $120 for gamepass, $180 for Gamepass Ultimate, my bad.

Or you can use xbox reward points and pay nothing for Xbox live or Ultimate, so even with both, it does not cost $180 a year to play online.

I think the cost per month is fair for what we get, others may not, but as it stands there is no other service available on any console that we can do a price comparison with, therefore it is the best value gaming subscription service available.

FanboysKiller919d ago

I can understand where its haters are coming from, let me guess, mmmmm

1- former pro gamestop shields
2- don't mind wasting their money on bad games.
3- living in a self proclaimed "opinion" bubble
4-easy patches emigrants who can't live without them especially when they are trying to make sense and be reasonable to demand easy patches from game makers cause they suck at playing games.

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OneLove921d ago

Only way in the states is to be watching the retailers daily.

thejigisup921d ago

You can get a pc instead and have a lot more versatility with your game library.

jukins921d ago

Not as far as gamepass this one is console only apparently

thesoftware730920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

@ thejigisup

I have a good strong PC and I still play Xbox, PS5 and Switch more.

Versatility In what way? Steam? EGS? PC gamepass?

DJStotty920d ago

Yeah because i have a spare £1000 to make my PC even capable of running the title screen lol /s

strifeblade921d ago

Sony fanboys really don't have an answer to this lol

NotoriousWhiz921d ago

Every positive for one console doesn't have to be a negative for another.

iplay1up2921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

I have PS4 Series X and Switch. I went with Series X first, because it offers more updated games by far than Playstation 5. It isn't like I didn't have fresh new content to play. I picked up Legions and Valhalla when I finally got my Series X. Both are current gen optimized.

The amount of games I already own getting free updates is fantastic. Quick resume is too. Series X offers more features right NOW than PS5

I have had Game Pass since it first came out, it keeps getting better and better. When Flight Simulator comes out for Series X, in August I might buy a flight stick. Why not? I save $60 because I don't have to buy the game. It comes to Game Pass day one.

RazzerRedux921d ago

Game Pass doesn't make Sony's great games any less great. No why you are even bringing Sony up though.

badz149921d ago


your insecurity is showing. you can't even enjoy a great feature without downplaying the other consoles, ha? why the need to bring up Sony? why not Nintendo? why not the whole PC gamers too while you're at it? wanna include mobile gamers in your pissing contest too? go on!

strifeblade920d ago (Edited 920d ago )


Not having a feature like gamepass is likeb saying my tv can do Netflix and your tv doesn't have access. It's an essential feature- and Sony/ Microsoft are head to head. Pc also has gamepass. Nintendo is really just a side console. It's a great service that I see Sony fanboys down playing.

badz149920d ago


"essential"?? HAHAHA

maybe to MS because their 1st party output has been pathetic. xbox fanboys think it's essential because they gotta have something to brag about. it's funny because GP is so "essential" xbox stays 3rd ALL THE TIME!

I'm not downplaying anything. it's great that it caters to the subscribers and hope they enjoy their subscription. me? I don't really care! just like back then how xbox fanboys brag about EA Access, now that it's already on PS4, did I care? NOPE! I can subscribe to GP on PC but do I really want to? NOPE! for me, I HATE subscriptions! PS+ is already 1 too many for me.

so, how about you go enjoy your subs, and I continue with my traditional ways of acquiring my games? capish? I love that I got my monthly games from PS+ (which soften the blow of subscribing), and then I also love buying most of my games outright through sales and deals instead of renting them. in my many years as a gamer, waiting for games to be cheaper is best IMO and that's how I've been gaming since last gen. the idea of "playing games I would not have invested in if it's not for a service" stops with PS+ and EGS for me personally.

Sony has PSNow which has all the old games you would think of but I'm also not subscribing. see?

DOMination-920d ago

Sony's first party output is pathetic too. Good games yes, but 2-3 a year for the last two generations.

The reason Sony keeps getting brought up is because their one "advantage" is about to be crushed. MS First Party will not only improve in quality to be comparable to Sony, but there will also be so much more in terms of variety and sheer quantity. Not to mention, all those sweet, sweet RPGs.

And the best part of it, they will all be free on GamePass. And I'm using that terminology because there was a recent article on N4G where everyone argued and concluded that PS Plus games were free. So by going with that, we can draw the same conclusion here.

I wouldn't have purchased Outriders, but I will now definitely give it a go as its free. And that in a nutshell is why the service is good for publishers. Square-Enix are just the latest in a long line of big names who are abandoning the idea of their own service and going with GP. Good on Microsoft to unite the gaming industry.