Ghostbusters boss "excited" by Atari plans

VG247: After telling VG247 that "Ghostbusters will be published!" back in August, Terminal Reality boss Mark Randel feels great now that Atari has officially picked up the game and given it a June 2009 release date.

"We're doing great and can't wait for people to play the game," said Randel when asked how the team felt now that things were all sorted.

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Harry1903699d ago

Atari has really pulled it together. Their future games are fantastic and I can't wait for the announcement of the next Baldur's Gate. It's a revival. I only hope THQ and Midway try to learn and do something about their current situation too.

Enigma_20993698d ago

...before Activision screwed the poch, this game was due out... in OCTOBER... on HALLOWEEN... of THIS YEAR!!!!

ElementX3698d ago

Pushing it back to the 25th anniversary is a good idea, that way they can polish up the game and make sure it's the best it can be. I have high hopes for this game, even if it doesn't get the best reviews, i'm buying it for nostalgia. I've always wanted to be a Ghostbuster ;)

sonic19893698d ago

what happened to DRIVER series. drive3r was good and i would love o see DRIVE4R on the next genration console.