New Screens - Fable 2: Knothole Island DLC Surface

Starting mid-December 2008, fans will be summoned back into Albion's service with the release of the Knothole Island downloadable content pack. The remote island of Knothole is dying: its golden sands and lush vegetation are covered with snow, its people freezing, its treasures buried. Only a hero can face the trials of the three shrines to bring back the sunshine.

With the release of the first Fable II downloadable content, available exclusively on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points, gamers will be invited to set sail for Knothole Island, where new quests, wondrous items and bizarre characters await.

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Stryfeno23703d ago

I just pick up Fable 2 and I'm enjoying the hell out of it...I will be getting this DLC when I complete the game.

ChampIDC3703d ago

I'd like to get it, but it all depends on the price in comparison to how much it adds to the game. I just hope they make it worth the money.

DA_SHREDDER3703d ago

Just look at yourselves. You guys are part of the problem, not the solution.

Bladestar3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

What problem? That they game will get DLC? what's your complain this time? that the game is short? That they cut content to sell it later? Fable 2 as far as game play and content is very complete. So, why would I complain about them keeping me playing for $5-$15 instead of go buying another $60 that may suck and not be as fun...

People complain for no reason... I understand if it was a game which gameplay is only 4-5 hours and then release DLC to make it 6-7 hours... (like some PS3 games that we know and love... Metal Gear anyone?... but games like Fable 2 and Fallout 3 deserve DLC... I currently put 70+ hours into fallout... and I am yet to explore all locations and complete all quest... (look at my gamertag)... do you actually think I will moan if they release a DLC that will add another 10-15 hours of gameplay? hell! I'm looking forward to it! We are not talking about a horse armor...

All DLC are not evil... only the horse armor on oblivion was a mistake.. but the others were great.

Horny3700d ago

bladestar i agree with u but MGS4 took me a bit longer than Fable 2. MGS is not meant to be played on easy, unfortunately fable doesnt have a difficulty setting.
This DLC is definitely worth getting.

Killjoy30003703d ago

Anybody remeber Knothole Glade from the first game? Could this possibly be revisiting that location?

Horny3703d ago

this will probably be my first x box live purchase.

Grimhammer003702d ago

I finished this the other night...Fable 2 I mean. I did enjoy the game...and I know that the amount of infinite quest/jobs is cool.

But...I was overall disappointed, here's why:

-Monster variety is non-existent...Lionhead couldn't even give me a spider or bat!
-I found an exploit - find a mess of enimies, bandits are good...kill them all without getting hit and with flourishes (not hard), and just after killing the last guy the xp bonus will appear at the top...right away goto inventory and drink potions with xp in them...the more expensive the potion...the better effect you get...the battle will give you a bonus that adds often 300% on top of the base xp for killing the enemies......AND WILL ACCOUNT FOR THE POTION TOO!!!! I had my stats maxed in under 5hrs of game play....sooooo broken! guy at the end had luck & Ghoul + maxed 5 star physique...I stood during the most "difficult" portion of the game and let the eneimes attack me...I was all but immune....magic, swords...didn't matter...I was invulnerable basicly. That's no fun.
I won't venture into spoiler country...but yeah, you'll know it when you see it.

I still had fun...but I was by no means enticed by the DLC, they'd need to add 3 dragons & 2 titans to give me a challenge...and that'd require some creative monster design...LOL

This game showed me how much I miss "linear" story driven RPG's....can't wait for Dec 16th....Rise Of The Argonauts will be a far better expereince for my coin. Just my opinion of course.
Provided it is technically a good game...from a story point of view I'm already hooked!

Horny3700d ago

i agree, the game is far too easy, they do need to add more and stronger enemies.