N-word used in Animal Crossing PR gaffe

Every now and then, game companies' PR and marketing backfires. Sony's 2007 God of War II promotional party featuring a decapitated goat made Fortune's list of the 101 Dumbest Business Moments of the year. Then there was the Wii port of Okami, for which Capcom swiped cover art from gaming site IGN--and forgot to remove the watermark.

This week sees another such misstep, this committed by Nintendo in an effort to promote the interoperability of the recently released Animal Crossing: City Folk with 2005's Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS.

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Jamie Foxx3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )


and yes gamespot it is THAT bad..i see cute wholesome mario with the words 'how are you ni**a' next to him... you douchebags

SL1M DADDY3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Sony has the decency to pull their biggest 2008 title a week prior to launch date for a song that has two verses from the Quran but Ninty get's off scott-free for using a racial slur? Ok...

Sitdown3699d ago

I disagree. "Decency"? Are you sure about that.....I feel that it was done more so to prevent the backlash from it being there.

Tony P3699d ago

While similar, they're two different things.

For one, LBP was made readily available to the public while this incident only affected 14 people in the media apparently. While egregious to give the freaking media that kind of fuel, it's totally different from little Timmy opening his DS to find the Source Awards.

LeSouteneur3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Black people say it all the time. It's not like it was spelled n***er. It was spelled with an a. If rap albums can say it, why can't video games? And it could've been someone's name even, not as a slur at all. The valedictorian of my High school was named Nigger, yes, no joke, and she was Indian.

Marceles3698d ago

I'm black and usually I don't get mad at something like's just how you say it, I can tell when I'm supposed to be pissed. I laughed looking at the picture because it was said so politely, no one says "how are you n****?"

Rick AstIey3698d ago

@ Souteneur: Lol it's only racist when a person that isn't black says it.

FantasyStar3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Ni**a is not a racial slur. Ni**er however is. In my neighborhood, we don't care if a white man says Ni**a because we're all cool with each other. Of course we get problem folks occasionally. People say that racism is bad for society, yet people still practice it, even in politics.

How hypocritical.

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hulud863699d ago

How does this happen? Nintendo just released an official response to this issue. I added it as an alt source from

hulud863699d ago

Nevermind gamespot added in the response

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ThaTeflonDon3699d ago

and reading about Sony .. I had to look that information up.... you've got to read this if anyone else missed the GOWII act like I did...

pwnsause3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

The Gods Require Sacrifice for the Party.

pixelsword3699d ago's no different than having suckling pig at a party.

or roadkill in front of your house at an outdoors birthday party.

ThaTeflonDon3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Its a hacked goat! .... not cooked on grill or anything .. beheaded!! ... and thats fine with you? .... SICK! ... but thats the world these days

andron3699d ago

This is a better link if you want to know about the "infamous Goat stunt".

And Nintendo should have known better than to let user generated content into PR material. You just can't trust us LOL...

pixelsword3699d ago

...I realize that the meat that you eat comes from an animal, so it doesn't bother me to see that sort of thing. Perhaps because most people are disconnected from that reality, they think seeing the "unrendered product" is somehow barbaric or sick.

i see it as natural to a person who wants to eat meat.

solidt123698d ago

Nothing wrong with hacking a goat as long as you are going to eat it. Don't waste good meat!

solidt123698d ago

Forbes or Money said it was one of the dumbest business mistakes but I think it was the most awesome game promotion ever. Getting fed grapes by a topless chick is so Hugh Hefner Pimp.

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