Best JRPGs with the Deepest Lore

From Xfire: "Complex worlds, characters with rich personalities, and the whole saving the world shebang are all some of the common ingredients of a memorable JRPG. Japanese RPGs, or JRPGs for short, have long held the reins of their own niche within the greater RPG genre because they bring a different type of immersiveness that don’t normally come with traditional role-playing games. If you’re even the slightest bit familiar with the notoriously common JRPG trope: ‘village youth discovers his true destiny to defeat evil overlord and save the world’, you probably already have an inkling of what we’re talking about."

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ManMarmalade59d ago

Legend Of Dragoon does this for me hands down. There is so much lore in the game it's ridiculous, and I always go back to playing it every year. Such an amazing game.

Outlawzz59d ago

I wouldn't really put kingdom hearts in there. It has lore but not necessarily "good" lore. The plot was way too drawn out and ended up being a mediocre final act, mostly a jumble of ideas with a bunch of patched up holes at best.

Nerdmaster59d ago

Regarding Kingdom Hearts, I think the article writer confused "convoluted" for "deep".

FinalFantasyFanatic58d ago

It started off okay, but after the first 2 or 3 games (i'm counting side stories as well, not just KH1 & KH2), but then it just descends into wtf is going on here?

RedDevils58d ago

After KH2 is all down hill into trash like KH3 has become.

FinalFantasyFanatic58d ago

Yeah, I can agree with that, I really love 1 & 2, not really anything after that.

58d ago
LG_Fox_Brazil58d ago

Legend of Heroes and YS deserved to be here

Outlawzz58d ago

Yea definitely. Seems the author has missed out on much of the jrpg staples.

Tapani58d ago

Xeno series has probably much deeper lore than all of those combined.

Outlawzz58d ago

I'll agree on that one. One of my favorites

Melankolis56d ago

One won't understand Xenogears's lore by only playing it. Reading other references such as Xenogears Perfect Works is necessary.

Tapani55d ago

Correct! This further illustrates the lore is vast.