Popular Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Pyra & Mythra Figures Return For Another Reprint by Good Smile

Good Smile Company announced that its ultra-popular Pyra and Mythra figures from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are getting another reprint.

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autobotdan439d ago

2022 release in America? Wow if I order it now I wont get it for a year

Abriael438d ago

Yeah. It's not an unusual lead time for figures in Japan. I know people who pre-order them and then completely forget until they get charged or even until it gets delivered.

Dixiedevil438d ago

Sold out. Damn. I got the Chinese knock offs on eBay for $80 but I’d rather have the real ones.

Seraphim438d ago

they were sold out days ago w/in 24 hours of posting. I didn't check my email one night and by the next they were already sold out. At least @ Goodsmile. Not sure if Play Asia or other online retailers still have them for pre-order or not.

FYouDad437d ago

They were supposed to be out in Japan in December and being over a year since pre-orders went up you would think they could have noted to people ahead of time that they were going to be delayed until June of this year. They'll just be scalped all over again too.