Ghost of Tsushima completion rate among highest for PlayStation games

Ghost of Tsushima has a completion rate of 50.2%, making it one of the most completed open-world games on PlayStation.

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masterfox59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Imagine what SP is going to do the PS5, just realize this, SP created Ghost of Tsushima with a 2 TF game console in mind, imagine what they are going to do with 5 times more the performance ;)


Orbilator59d ago

Was a awesome game to, can't wait for 2.
Sucker punch and naughty dog, are the best in the businesd

bouzebbal59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Hard to let go of it before you’re completely done with it. An amazing experience that far exceeded my expectations

SullysCigar58d ago

Yup, this and TLOU2 have extremely high completion rates despite both being long games. They're both excellent games and compelling us to see them right through to the end.

Babadook758d ago (Edited 58d ago )

The Last of Us 2 and FF7R also very high completion rate.

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lifeisgamesok59d ago

It's such a great game with some of the best combat ever

BenRC0158d ago

It is, but doing it all again in ng+ for the platinum is asking a bit much!

dekke58d ago


which game u mean GoT or TLOU2 ?

P_Bomb58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Good news is you don’t need NG+ for the GoT plat. It’s a separate add-on trophy. Silver I think? But yeah, you don’t need it.

I’m enjoying FF too. Never played the OG. I know, I know!

MagicLebronJordan59d ago

Great game. When it comes to PC I will enjoy beating it all over again. Sony has it right release it for console first wait a year or two and then release it on PC make more money. Gives me time to forget first play thru on PS console by the time it arrives on PC for second playthru just as enjoyable.

IRetrouk59d ago

And more money made selling the game to more gamers means more money put back into the studio, its a win win if you ask me.

TheRealTedCruz59d ago

The only people who take issue with this are the true, tribalistic fanboys who tie the box they play games on to their own personality.

IRetrouk59d ago

To the point they wanna delete those games and have a meltdown about it, thats crazy to me, I understand exclusives have a place between consoles, its what draws you to one or the other(or all lol) but when it comes to pc, I dont understand the issue, its an open platform not tied to any one company🤷‍♂️

CBaoth58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

the only problem is I've yet to see Sony double down on studio investment. Seems to me that's an altruistic viewpoint that hasn't manifested itself. Hell, THQ Nordic and MS have been busier on that front recently. I don't want a timed window to just play PS5 1st party software before PC gamers. If Sony ceases having to pay to play online then I'd happily agree. You don't think it's a very pretentious attitude of Sony to expect console gamers to fork out $500 for a console and years of PS+ for such a small window of privilege? This isn't about hating the concept of porting IPs over to PC but more so as it relates to devaluing their own ecosystem and reaching a harmonious balance between the two. They haven't even been concise with their policy but have a slew of titles slated for release!

My solution: I'd love to see some PS5/PC ports of PS3 games as well. There's a multitude of legacy software waiting to be exploited between PS3/4 on the platform. I always reference the 800lb. gorilla in the room, Bloodborne, & Until Dawn, as great IPs that should be properly patched and ported but all kinds of obscure stuff too like Savage Moon and The Last Guy would work as well. They could spend the next 5 years keeping busy patching/porting over fantastic gen 7&8 IPs to the benefit of BOTH platforms. Sleazy Jim Ryan doesn't want to do though. He wants the easy road.

IRetrouk58d ago

They have been investing in their studios, both 1st, and second, 3rd party to an extent too with funds and investments, naughtdog, santa Monica, bend studio plus others are all hiring right now.

I just don't think the games being on pc takes away from the console at all, especially the way sony seem to want to do it, I've never invested in playstation because their games can't be played on pc, they used to publish pc games back in the day, even exclusives, didnt stop the playstation then, dont see how it will now🤷‍♂️

58d ago
Imalwaysright58d ago

A win for Sony, a win for PC gamers and a loss for useless fanboys.

CBaoth58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

@ IR - 2nd party investment is a short term stop gap for lack of content though. By next year Deathloop and Tokyo will be on GP and the Medium will "cross over" to PS5. Hardly worth the pricetag of admission. Currently Series S/X has one exclusive (timed) and PS5 has 2 (Astro and Demon). By June PS5 gets two more exclusives in Returnal and Ratchet. Not much of a list to start porting over is it?

Again I have no issue with Sony bringing IPs to PC (I own 2 gaming rigs). Why not start out with the PS3/4 libraries first though? God of Wars, GoT, tLoU1&2, Resistance & Killzone collections, Uncharteds, etc...would all make great additions. A fresh coat of paint for some for these legacy titles would do wonders and provide tangible benefits to both platforms; actual PC release/free upgrade to PS owners who own existing copy.

@ neutral - that's my point though. I only commented on what has actually transpired. We don't know what Sony has planned for release since they've decided to remain mum on the subject. I don't think every game will appear on Steam or Epic. But they have/will port over 3 games so far with no rhyme or reason. No clear policy on exclusivity length or success of the IP. Sony also announced a whole slew of content planned for release in the coming years. I just feel it's too soon to port over PS5 games while the platform is so bereft of content. Especially since Sony's sitting on a veritable gold mine when it comes to its back catalogue. Not sure about your second point. Time will tell and by gen's end, we'll know if the Age of the Mega Publisher comes to fruition. I hope not.

@ Yaku - ok so ND is going on a hiring spree. What of it? They did that almost entirely last gen too. When tLoU2 shipped ND had over 500 employees on the payroll and outsourced over 40 projects to third parties to complete it. Just means ND is ramping up production on their rumored sci-fi game while finishing up Factions. Once projects are completed people will be let go as they're essentially sub-contractors. Doesn't mean they formulated a third team. As for MS I have never agreed with their approach for the very same reason. I personally don't see the value in buying a console when everything can be played on PC without subs. If MS is fine with me subbing occasionally to play one of their games then great.

IRetrouk57d ago

Cbaoth, think we got our wires crossed a bit lol, I dont think they will be releasing their ps5 stuff to pc either, maybe some 3rd party deals and some multiplayer stuff, I think its gonna mainly be the ps4 bangers.

My overall view is that regardless of what games, sony putting them on pc isn't an issue for me and that I don't think it would effect the console all that much, Hope I cleared my view up a wee bit for ya lol.

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neutralgamer199258d ago


keep believing what you want but 90% of PS exclusives will never come on PC. so sony announce 2 games on PC and y'all think all future PS exclusives will end up on pc now. and TED cruz you truly comment the way ted crus speaks it's not about fanboys, it's about bulling your brand. xbox is no where near the brand that playstation and nintendo so it's in their benefit to release on pc too(also because of ms) while nintendo and to a large extent sony have build their brands based on consumers having to buy their boxes to play their games

sony much rather 100k gamers buy ps5 because half of them might end up signing up for psn plus while releasing on pc provides very little benefit for playstation


that's not how sony operates even though they can spend 10 billion in acquisitions they really like to acquire studios they have working relationship with. but i really do think ms has forced their hand a bit and they will acquire few publishers, People think ms has unlimited money(and they almost do) but sony's whole survival is based on playstation so they wiull become more aggressive. My theory is since they have kind of merged sony japan that they will buy japanses publishers


by end of this generation none of these 3 will be independent(ms, sony or nintendo will acquire) my guess is ms will get sega and sony will get square and capcom

IRetrouk58d ago

I didnt say what or how many would come out on pc, just that I don't personally have an issue with it and that i actually think it's beneficial to the studios, I also said that I actually think the way sony is doing it is smart, read the whole comment, not just the bit that gets you biting!!

neutralgamer199258d ago

Oh my bad yeah I don't think all are coming I think Sony will pick and choose and might release few. Also their strategy could be to release older ps4 titles while keeping ps5 exclusives to themselves

IRetrouk58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

That's ok dude, happens👍
thats exactly what I think they will do, the ps4 stuff I think will be ported before ps5 games, other than maybe some multiplayer stuff and third party deals etc, I do think they want to keep a lot of stuff for their box though, to make sure there are still reasons to get a playstation.

Latex7459d ago

I'm yet to finish this only played about 5 hours must get back to it on my ps5

Orbilator59d ago

5 hours !!!! You not even started it yet let hahaha

Latex7458d ago

I know 😅😅 but it was a great 5 hours ha ha

Kurt Russell58d ago

I am yet to play it, I have a PS5 arriving at the end of the month, this is right at the top of things I want to play.

Double_O_Revan58d ago

I just got Plat recently at 84 hours. Keep going. Game is amazing. Played on PS5. 60FPS is gorgeous.

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