Area F2 is all set to make a comeback in 2021

Last year Qookka games released a 5v5 Close Quarter Battle FPS shooting game titled 'Area F2'. Which was taken down just 4 weeks after its launch due to an IP rights dispute between Ubisoft and Qookka Games. But it looks like the game is about to make a comeback soon.

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Area F2 The Popular CQB Shooter is Coming back?

Just a quick recap, if you are not aware, Area F2 was basically a Rainbow Six: Siege Mobile version developed and published by Qookka games. It was launched in 2020 and gained immense success; millions of players started playing it, and it went straight to the top of charts on Playstore and Appstore. But Ubisoft sued the developers of Area F2, alleging them to Copy Rainbow Six: Siege. According to the reports, because of which, the game developers of Area F2 terminated the game in May 2020. But is it coming back?

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Area F2 is shutting down as Ubisoft won the lawsuit

Massively popular FPS game Area F2 is shutting down as Ubisoft had filed a lawsuit agaisnt them for the clone of their game Rainbow Six siege

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Knightofelemia1491d ago

Damn that was fast I thought it was going to get dragged out

monkey6021489d ago

I'm not a lover of Apple but their policies are typically quite good. The fact anyone who bought this gets a refund from the Apple store is great. Meanwhile anyone on android only getting refunded if it was purchased less than 48hours prior is a joke

GamingonPhone1489d ago

It was really a bad thing coming from Google.

AuraAbjure1489d ago

Good job Ubisoft not putting up w/ that stuff.


Ubisoft Sues Apple, Google Over Alibaba’s Rainbow Six “Ripoff”

Ubisoft Entertainment SA sued Apple Inc. and Google LLC, accusing the companies of selling a ripoff of its popular video game “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

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lodossrage1495d ago

I don't know the details of this. But if Google wants Stadia to survive, it's not a good idea to get on Ubisoft's bad side with Stadia floundering the way it is. If I was Google, I'd stop selling Alibaba's game.

I know that might look like bullying in a way, But Google can't afford to make major game companies an enemy of Stadia right now

L7CHAPEL1494d ago

if you haven't already,
just go ahead and Google it or you tube but it's it's exactly the same game,
I mean they literally copy and pasted every single element, the weapons the sight systems the way the hud is set up, drones, rappelling, I was expecting it to be pretty close to where you go: "okay that's shady" no, it's not a case of that all, its: "wow!, you rippin' off motherfuckers!!"
I mean it's such a blatant rip off it's not even funny. it's pretty much like they didn't even attempt to hide it and feared no one would ever look at it ,or something. if you were to sit looking at 30 seconds of footage side-by-side, it's a slam dunk.
I have literally never seen it this starkly done.

AuraAbjure1494d ago

Yeah it's copyright and/or trademark violation.

KyRo1494d ago

This is the app store. A place where for every original game there's thousands of clones but suing Apple and Google... Not sure they will get very far with that. They need to go for the developer.

Amazon has millions of third party sellers selling fake/knock off goods blatent as day, Amazon don't get sued for it although it's using their service to sell a product.

Sono4211494d ago

Pretty sure the way this works is they are at fault because there is supposed to be a vetting system, they are offering that game on their store so they are giving it a seal of approval. For example I would bet you would never find this game on the Xbox, PS store, or even Steam.

KillBill1493d ago

Nope. Always hit the big guys that are giving the game the market space. At minimum they get the game removed from the App to start and then they go for more.

Knightofelemia1495d ago

This isn't going to end well Apple and Google have very deep pockets and can drag court cases out for a long time like Apple vs Samsung. I'd be curious to see how this plays out if Ubisoft gets pissed off enough they will pull support from Stadia adding another nail to the coffin. If the game is an exact carbon copy like menu selection same character poses same music same world maps then yes file a lawsuit. But if it's not an exact copy and you have a winning style people will copy it to some degree like Dante's Inferno and God of War or Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing and Smash Bros and Playstation All Star Battle Royale. All because companies want to cash in on that cash cow style that is popular like Battle Royal games and Anthem and Destiny Ubisoft should know that part as well.

DerfDerf1494d ago

It is pretty much an exact ripoff

L7CHAPEL1494d ago

I can't hear in the back of my mind an attorneys laughter when he's looking at this...

AuraAbjure1494d ago

I don't know anything about law but Ubisoft should at least try and fight it in court for a while.

BlackIceJoe1494d ago

I could be wrong, but wouldn't it make more sense to sue the developer that made the game, over Apple and Google?

If Apple and Google can so easily be sued, over a game they didn't make, I wonder how this will impact the game services, in the future, because there is many games on both sites, that easily look the same.

So the future ramifications could be huge for Google and Apple. Possibly even lose many games, on both sites.

SamPao1494d ago

Probably because its from china. I think its quite hard to sue anyone from there.

ORyanDeee1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

yeah its almost impossible, they just dont care

L7CHAPEL1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

you might as well try to sue Jesus,
hate to say it but they're going to find this out with all of the talk about the coronavirus.
we can take international sanctions against China and they're going to have other countries join in with sanctions and penalties, but to actually have a lawsuit where you are awarded any sort of damages?
forget it.
the law concerning this is only applicable in America.
internationally, against a company?
all the Chinese government has to do is say no, and not respond.
and then what do you do ?

L7CHAPEL1494d ago

good luck suing a Chinese company, you're not going to get any money out of this and they know it, it's all about it protecting their IP from blatant infringement. that's why they're going after Apple and Google so they'll take it down as they
are under legal obligation to do so, then issue some sort of statement. (from both of them)
but they will they aren't going to risk one iota of their reputation for a company that's doing this.

KillBill1493d ago

Little different than if Walmart was selling fake Nike brands in their stores. You hit the suppliers. In this case it is the App stores that are giving the game large sales market.

monkey6021494d ago

Oh wow the developers didnt even try to hide the fact this was a RIP off Haha

I'm curious to know are Ubisoft "washed up" "trying to stay relevant" "gone broke" "ugly shovel face"s just like Selena Gomez was being called? For something just like this

NextGenDale1494d ago

Google I’m surprised by especially if they want Ubisoft games to keep coming to Stadia which they desperately need all the support they can get