PS2 Games On The Store?

French site JV247 is reporting that during an interview the site was told Sony almost added backwards compatibility to a recent PS3 firmware update, but changed their mind at the last minute.

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pwnsause3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Bringing back PS2 emulation to the PS3 is bound to happen, the question here is, when.

My opinion about this whole thing here is, they should of done that before the launch of the PS3. the system could of cost 400 dollars back then if they did that, and we could of seen a price cut right now had they did that before. Its a good lesson to learn for sony. Its a good lesson actually, cause now have to learn about software. Hopefully this will never happen again when we get to the PS4.

JoySticksFTW3700d ago

Supposedly, there are already a few ps2 games that work with the latest PS3's - with no PS2 backwards compatibility - and each of these "non-eventful" firmware updates for PS3 has been secretly adding more PS2 games to the list.

I would love some official comfirmation of this

hfaze3700d ago

Keep in mind that while removing the EE and GS hardware from the PS3 did help Sony to cut costs, I still don't see how they could have launched at $400.

The Blu-Ray laser diode issue @ launch was enough to keep that from happening (~$100 for the Blu-Ray diode at launch, compared to ~$20 currently), along with the die shrink (helped to increase yield on the Cell and drop the power and cooling requirements, which contributed to manufacturing cost drops.)

Also, emulation is not the silver bullet you seem to think it is. I had a launch 60GB unit, and it worked FLAWLESSLY with every PS2 game I had. After seeing a few glitches (shadows looked funky, controller issues, etc), I took it back to GameStop and swapped it out for an 80GB Motorstorm bundle PS3 (no EE chip, but still has the GS chip). The 80GB unit only played a handful of PS2 games flawlessly. Some of them (like Tekken Tag Tournament) were so choppy to the point of being un-playable.

If Sony does put out a 100% software emulator (emulating both the EE and GS chips), the emulators will probably have to be customized for the game being emulated to yield the best results.

Personally, I would love to start seeing PS2 games on the PSN store. If the games were properly priced, I think they would sell very well.

pwnsause3700d ago

true, you do have a point there, and if you think about it, the console could of still cost $600 either way, especially since they lost about $200 for every system sold. they would at least be losing about $120 for every system sold then if you subtract the cost of the EE and the GS.

Tacticity3700d ago

I agree with the most of what your saying, but Sony could never set the price at 400 on the launch week, thats just f!cking crasy. But Sony could have set the price on the 60gb for 599, and the 20gb for 499. The reason why Sony confirmed at E3 2006 that the 60gb would be 799 and for the 20gb it would be 699. Was because the economy was much better at that time right before the summer of 2006, but when we came to christmas of 2006, that was the economy fell allot then, and until today its really bad. Mostly the reason why they removed the ps2 system was because in the US people complained so much about the price. And afterall its where the PS has sold the most. But when they launched 60gb and the 20gb in EU the sales took more off, there people dident complain that much, the economy was bad there to. Probably next year they will add a ps2 emulator deffantly not before next year. But we need ps2 games on the PS store.

You can probably say this all BS what I'm saying but its a fact.

Parapraxis3700d ago

Well with the advent of PS2 Singstar disc swapping coming befor the end of DEC, I think it's easy to assume that they are patching PS2 BC for most PS2 games.

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ONYX7373701d ago

Why would someone dissagree with you and leave no respons?. I also think backwards compatability is important that's why I love my 60 gig ps3 with a 120 gig hdd

Danja3700d ago

yups same here bought mine at Launch....even PS2 is right beside my PS3....and I still find myself actually playing my PS2 occasionally...

ceedubya93700d ago

60 gig all the way. Helps me play Persona 4 without pulling out the PS2. I spit on the new model PS3s!

kwicksandz3700d ago


now back to persona 3 FES.

windmill1453701d ago

Sony really MUST put ps2 and more ps1 games on the PSN store. Seriously both the 360 and Wii are re-selling last gen games. Sony has the most and best(ps2/ps1) games and they are not even taking advantage of it.

Close_Second3700d ago

...PSOne games for use on the PSP. There are so many quality PSone games that would look and play fantastic on the PSP.

ceedubya93700d ago

Its been an irritant for me since day one. So much potential for the real quality PS1 games to be up for download. I wonder what the hold up is? May not be as easy to pick and choose what to put on there without going through some crazy loops first.

kwicksandz3700d ago

The thing is sony cant take advantage of it because a good portion of ps3s sold cant play ps2 games! And for those unfortunate to live in PAL land their ps3s cant play ps2 games well....

Software BC is the solution but sony dont seem to want to deliver this feature anytime soon.

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Takehaniyasubiko3700d ago

Sometimes, Sony acts so stupid that it hurts your mind... Bring back the focking backwards compatibility with PS2, Sony - NOW!

hfaze3700d ago

What would be nice is either 100% software emulation for the 40GB and new 80GB PS3 owners (PS2 games via. PSN), or offer a model with 100% hardware backwards compatibility when the PS3 Slim's come out.

Personally, I'm leaning more towards a slim with EE/GS in hardware... Hardware BC trumps Software BC anyday.

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