Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Developer Insights: Dark Trooper

The guys over at Capital Games has posted a new developer insight. This time they are talking with the designers of The Dark Trooper and how they went about creating this iconic characters from the Star Wars universe

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DaveZero136d ago

The Dark Troopers were seen in the Mandolorian but I do not think they have become the menace they are in everything else yet. I know we have not see the Last of Moff, so I also doubt we will see the Last of his Dark Troopers.

They are certainly a very Defensive unit and Moff removed the humaness from the troopers which in turn gives them a nasty edge over companionate opposition.

I love the way Dark Troopers looks and there red eyes make them lookmextra Evil. I'm pretty sure at some point they get Force powers to an extent and Moffs experiments make them a threat to any Force user which was his intention.

Looking forward to the Mandolorian season 3 where we will no doubt see them further enhance the Dark Trooper, where Moff will be more of a Nuisance and hopefully (Spoiler) reclaim the dark saber despite Bo Katan wanting it and trying to reclaim Mandalore for her rule. It would be unwise of them not to drag Bo katan obtaining the Dark saber out and hold off on her reclaiming it for at least another two to three season. Season 3 could at the end see Moff taking the Dark Saber back from The Mandolorian and taking up a defence on Mandalore in season 4. Because I do not want them to fast track and speed up the story and rush the defence of mandalore by Moff Gideon I think fans deserve to see him and his Dark Troopers for at least a couple of season holding down the planet before Bo Katan removes the saber from his Power. I do Not think Bo Katan should be made to take the easy route of removing the saber from The Mandolorian, the plot, the story and characters would see an end to the whole Dark Saber Myth on screen faster than anything, needs to be teased out and fans deserve it and to see more Dark Troopers for some time.