Crystal Dynamics Is Committed to Marvel’s Avengers for “Years to Come,” Roadmap Being Worked On

Marvel's Avengers next-gen versions are launching next week along with the new Hawkeye DLC, and while fans are getting geared

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Garethvk133d ago

They have to be considering their investment.

RgR132d ago

Well we did hear the same with a similar game...anthem

abstractel132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Avengers has its problems and I feel they should have listened a bit to fans before the game came out. I'm generally of "wait and play" attitude but there were some glaring faults in the game as presented a few months before release. They released a statement basically saying we're not listening and we're going to do it our way. "Trust us, it will be great." That feels similar to the Anthem pre-launch and end result.

One of the good things about the game is the combat. Playing like the Hulk feels like playing Hulk. The issue to me wasn't that part of the game, it was the repetitive areas that you went to. The endgame areas didn't feel organic at all, just very procedural without any soul and heart. It is possible to marry the two but they didn't succeed. Hades is an example of a game that did manage to succeed with that even if of course it's at a much lower complexity.

Sgt_Slaughter133d ago

They better be committed to overhauling the entire game and basically restarting it because that's the only way it'll last for "years to come". I doubt the sales for DLC will be high because of how many dropped the game and sales plummeted, so this DLC roadmap might end quick.

Nitrowolf2133d ago

The DLC free, and I'd say most smart players probably didn't spend any credit earned so the hero pass is basically free for a lot.

There must be some whales they're hoping to nab to keep it going for that long, unless like you said it gets a full overhaul, like ff14online which I doubt. Guess we'll see how the dlc goes

rdgneoz3133d ago

DLC with new characters and such is all free for the length of the game. Only thing they're making money on after the initial game sale is the cosmetic store. That said, they need to allow multiple of each character and pop out new characters fast. ~3 months between new characters is not gonna keep people around long, especially when you limit missions and such to 1 of each character (can't even level up the new character with friends and they are increasing the time it takes to hit level cap...).

-Foxtrot132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Don't worry we heard the same with Anthem

The only thing on their side is that it's Marvel Superheroes while other live service games don't have that luxury, most being new IPs with nothing to give them that "boost" or relevance.

I give it until next year or maybe a year and a half before they finally decide to pull the plug.

The DLC will take longer to come out, they'll start to hear about player connectivity issues trying to find a game and finally we'll hear how the team has become smaller while the main people are working on a new IP. After that, they'll finally let it go.

I just find it funny how that Guardians of the Galaxy game has went super quiet...I bet you any money it was supposed to be the EXACT same as this but in space and using cosmic Marvel characters.

fsfsxii133d ago

lmao the next anthem more like

excaliburps133d ago

Marvel definitely surpassed Anthem in terms of life and such. Still, there's loads of missteps here.If they can't rope in players with this free DLC and the next one, then game is toast (more toast than it is now).

RgR132d ago

It did not surpass anthem.

Ausbo133d ago

Yeah but square is a little different from EA. EA has killed more than a cattle farm.

Baza133d ago

I’m committed to not playing it for years to come

ScootaKuH132d ago (Edited 132d ago )


NeoGamer232132d ago

That is pretty much what I thought when I saw the title of the article. No way I am buying this anytime soon.

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