Genshin Impact upcoming banners schedule: Expected release date for Venti and Childe's banners

Genshin Impact has revealed the upcoming banners for the 1.4 update. They will be released after March 17th, featuring the 5-star characters Venti and Childe.

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antikbaka61d ago

This is just a Waifu collectining game. It has nice story but sooner or later you get to the end and that's it. Nothing else to do

blackblades61d ago

I know epic seven has a 10 year plan, maybe this game has a some long time plan as well going by the maps. Difference is E7 has a update every week, with changes and updates new characters content etc... but genshin the updates are slow I mean really slow. I know the game is much bigger but still.

SDuck60d ago

Dude, don't downplay the size of Genshin. That sh*t being available for mobile is an amazing feat. That's a console / PC game and that considered, the content being monthly is impressive. This new update will expand the main story and have a full on event

blackblades60d ago

@SDuck ? downplay what are you talking about. Also this update is for the festival not a opening to a whole new adventure exploring like monstat. The next one is chasm area which is like the snow area. As for the content yeah for a game like this as I said I know it's much bigger then E7 which I understand they cant constantly put out content but once you get done with everything new there really nothing in between but same dailies missions, farming with not much resin to do.

antikbaka59d ago

It's not about being slow, it's about what they even add. Time limited festivals and waifus. What should I do if I'm not into Abyss? Literally nothing much.