The Enduring Legacy of the Original Xbox

Online-focused gaming, 360's Red Ring of Death and Japan's decline as a force in the industry. For better or worse, the original Xbox left its mark.

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TheEffectDotNet58d ago

Nice comprehensive history piece! 👌

PrimeVinister58d ago

It's probably too long TBH 😂

VenomUK57d ago

I didn’t get one at launch, but after a mate of mine bought it with Halo and my group of friends had some great split-screen multiplayer games I got one! It was a bit strange at the time because it came from the company that made Windows! But it was exciting because it was, compare to other consoles, more powerful and it kind of blended PC gaming in a console unit. Maybe it’s because of nostalgia but the original Xbox (1) is definitely my favourite.

VenomUK57d ago

To clarify: maybe it’s because of nostalgia but the original Xbox (1) is definitely my favourite Xbox.

Snookies1258d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Agreed haha, I had so many Xbox controllers at my house. Friends would bring them over to play Halo, and just leave them. I used to use a mini pink one just to add insult to injury whenever I'd win. Good times...

TheRealTedCruz58d ago

Always preferred my original Xbox over the PS2. Both great systems, but the Xbox introduced me to Morrowind, Doom 3, The Oddworld series, Crimson Skies, Halo. The list goes on. The thing was a beast of a console at the time.

Kurupt58d ago

And playstation introduce us to mgs 2 sons of liberty, God of war, ratchet and clank, final fantasy x and the list goes on

TheRealTedCruz58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Can someone make a comment without some defensive fanboy taking offense?

And I was part of that "us". I owned a PS2, and had a bunch of games for it. Unless the only part of my post you paid mind to was the fact that Xbox was my preferred console of that generation ... on an article talking about the Xbox.

I think your post history speaks for itself though :^)

stiggs58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

TheRealTedCruz listed a few of his favorite games that he played on the OG Xbox console and for some reason you viewed it as a taunt and felt compelled to challenge his opinion. Why do you feel the need to push back on someone when they are simply posting an innocuous viewpoint? Not everything has to be about this insipid "console war". I swear, some of you out there can't help yourselves from constantly acting like irrational fanboys, even if your life depended on it.

Tacoboto58d ago

Oh the joy if we ever get a new Crimson Skies.

Anyone remember Brute Force?

rlow158d ago

Crimson Skies was really a fun game. Spent hour dog fighting with my friends. They definitely need to make a sequel.

DEEHULK8858d ago

Yeah Brute Force was good.

ZwVw58d ago

Brute Force was way ahead of it 's time. Funny how a sequel was announced only to be later quietly shelved.
Why? Because Phil Spencer (Mr. Gamer's Gamer) didn't like the game.
Someone explain how BF is one of the very few OG 1st party Xbox titles not available for digital purchase on the Xbox store, despite being 100% BC with the 360? Heck, even Blinx is available in the Xbox store and BC with XB1.

Tacoboto58d ago

Please don't use my post to continue that weird anti-Phil crusade.

Any Crimson Skies players try split screen on the Series consoles? I tried it on One X last year but the bottom player was this glitchy viewport. I wonder if emulation is improved now

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DEEHULK8858d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Same here and never bought Playstation until PS4. It also came with a hard drive which what is used in the console space now.They were on to something with Xbox Live as you see now with everyone have online setup on consoles. NINJA gaiden, KOTOR, KOTOR 2, Jade Empire, Mech Assault, Panzar Dragoon Orta, Jet Set Radio Future, Splinter Cell(real versions), Elder Scrolls 3, Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay,and UFC Tapout. Lot of geat games. Loved the sports games to, but EA made them shut down their sports division because it was better integrated with Live and EA had their own setup. Man they had a great relationship with Bioware from Jade Empire and KOTOR, which is why Mass Effect was supposed to be only 360 PC until EA bought the parent company and put it on Playstation. They need a sequel to Jade Empire but that version of Bioware is long gone, thanks to the EA purchase. You could also save as much as you wanted to because the 8g hard drive never ran out of space.

DEEHULK8858d ago

I also liked Blinx and Blinx 2

PrimeVinister58d ago

That Doom 3 port was absolutely gorgeous and remains one of the most accomplished console versions of a demanding PC game ever made.

DEEHULK8858d ago

They did a nice job with doom 3 on Xbox.

darthv7258d ago

I still play mine, only now I mod them as well. Ripping games to a 2tb hdd and playing coinops... good stuff.

crazyCoconuts58d ago

I modded all of mine and put xbmc on them back in the day. Was doing it for friends too lol. Got pretty good with a soldering iron after those Xbox days

roadkillers58d ago

GTAVC was the shit, allowed me to play custom music while driving. Something the PS2 couldn't

PrimeVinister58d ago

Superb port. One of the games I played most on Xbox, despite finishing it previously on PS2 :-D

x_xavier_x58d ago

It's almost impossible to say something positive about a console, particularly Xbox, without someone on N4G replying in a derogatory defensive manner.

PrimeVinister58d ago

Most of the comments on this one are constructive or contribute something but there is always one or two 😂

anubusgold57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

knights of the old republic and the jedi outcast games and jedi academy games and jade empire. And the best ghost recon games were on the first xbox and rainbow 3 was great and the splintercell games.

Locutus_of_borg57d ago

I will always remember the days i had 3 friends over, all on our own xbox's , each with our own tv all in the same room, xboxes all connected to an ethernet hub and playing ghost recon ... happy days

Rallisport challenge as i remember it was an amazing game too

anubusgold56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

@Locutus_of_borg Ghost recon 2 summit strike had 16 player co op missions on xbox and consoles havent been able to match that ever since. You could host your own dedicated servers with a xbox on ghost recon and rainbow 6 . We had 14 and 16 player last man standing matches and ubisoft has screwed that up ever since. Ghost recon and rainbow six 3 had voice commands for Ai in single player missions that worked that doesnt happen anymore. And Halo ce my friends all had a xbox and we linked them up 4 xboxes for 16 player lan matches its was so good i still have my xbox lan party box .

Rude-ro57d ago

Owned them all...
And halo 2 launch will be in the history books that solidified the og Xbox.
Not knocking one other thing introduced... but there were a lot of people in line for that launch. Miss those day of midnight releases.

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PrimeVinister58d ago

Probably. It is a lot of people's favourite console from MS.

crazyCoconuts58d ago

It was clearly ahead of the competition in terms of tech, I loved it. And Halo was fantastic

PrimeVinister58d ago

Splinter Cell was probably my favourite Xbox series. Pandora Tomorrow blew my tiny mind.

Admittedly I only ever played Halo 2 with friends and wouldn't necessarily elect to play it alone.

ocelot0758d ago

Nahhh I really enjoyed the og Xbox. But the 360 slim (original where prone to breaking) was and still is the best Xbox Microsoft has done.

They where willing to take risks on new iPad and different types of games. Lost oddisy, viva pinita, Forza, gears, crackdown, Alan wake.

That was the best time as a Xbox owner for me.

Bathyj57d ago

Microsoft were hungry then. They were the new guy, they were making no profit at all and they wanted to impress and it showed. Once the gaming division actually starting getting in the black the quality nosedived and they were never good again. It's all about services now, not games.

57d ago
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Kurupt58d ago

Well..just for someone's info my favorite console of all time is the Dreamcast...

PrimeVinister58d ago

I should do Dreamcast next. It was amazing

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