Xbox Series Will Get FPS Boost For Five Games Including Skyrim, Dishonored, and Prey

Microsoft has confirmed the next set of games for the Xbox Series that will get an FPS boost. These are the majority of Bethesda games including Prey.

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TGGJustin66d ago

Prey, Skyrim, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, and Dishonored. Not a bad start. Hopefully we get it for Dishonored 2 and some other titles in the future.


I feel fortunate to play these games for the first time at 60fps :)

phoenixwing66d ago

I do too with my 2070 super rtx graphics card :)

Sayai jin66d ago

Then you'll be in for a treat. The Bethesda CEO slipped up and said they have Skyrim running at 4k.

Smok9166d ago

phoenixwing You realize the psychology behind your statement? You’re compensating.

SirBruce66d ago

Haven't you had a PC for the last 10 years?

phoenixwing66d ago

@ smok
I'm just joining in the sentiment of playing games at 60fps and above. I didn't buy a gaming pc until last April and I've been enjoying it.

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Jin_Sakai66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I think this is awesome that they’re able to do this. Having higher framerates are a great thing.

Father__Merrin66d ago

Just installed dishonered 2 Il start to play properly when it's updated

Marcus Fenix66d ago

try to give Prey a shot sometime, it's one of the most underrated games of last gen imo.

Father__Merrin66d ago

I've had Prey for ages on EGS just never got round installing it. I've got 3 months game pass ultimate so I may just install it on here. Loved the original Prey also

darthv7266d ago

I want to see what it does for Arkham Knight.

DiRtY66d ago

What a week for Xbox gamers.
The work and the money the people at Xbox invest in their hardware, services, features and games is ridiculous.


Good to see Greenburg underpromising and overdelivering. In the past he'd needlessly overhype things, but when he mentioned FPS Boost for Bethesda games yesterday...he cleverly said "Not yet", leading everyone to believe that it was something we'd get down the road.

NeoGamer23266d ago

That is quite a bit of hyperbole.

This week we saw:

1) Finalize a deal that was announced last year and was expected to go through
2) 20 Zenimax games come to gamepass. Pretty much a given when the deal came thru
3) FPS boost for Zenimax related games, again not so shocking.

There was not a single new game or gameplay from a new game showed this week.

TGGJustin66d ago

Something to be clear about: there wasn't 20 Zenimax games added to Game Pass this week. Almost half of those were already on Game Pass.

stevej33666d ago

Thanks for the clarification, I guess everyone can be less excited about it now thanks to you downplaying something positive for Xbox but that's not so shocking.

Sitdown66d ago

So because it was not a new game announced or new gameplay, people shouldn't be excited? You are trying way too hard to downplay this. We can expect things to happen, but until they do, there are various things that could prevent them from happening. Rejoice people, rejoice.

Highrevz66d ago

Not this week but soon.
People are speculating that it’s either Stalker 2 or Outriders.

waverider66d ago

And their next gen game will be first on the ps5....

Neonridr66d ago

They explicitly stated that this was just a welcoming of sorts and to allow people to meet the devs. There was never a promise of any new game reveals or mentions. If you were disappointed by the news they shared it's because YOU created your own expectations.

King_Noctis66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

“ There was not a single new game or gameplay from a new game showed this week.”

Because that wasn’t the point? This week was all about MS and their successful acquisition of Bethesda/Zenimax. They said they will have another show in the summer to announce more games.

“ And their next gen game will be first on the ps5”

And most likely will be the last one as well. You might as well say goodbye to future Elder Scroll and Fallout and many others on the PS system.

NeoGamer23266d ago

I had no expectations this week. And it was good, but nothing really great happened.

badz14966d ago

finally talking some sense. I really don't get these crowds cheering about old games

UnholyLight65d ago

I mean considering the event was repeatedly said to contain NO news regarding new games or announcements for them and that the event shouldn't be treated as such, you should consider enjoying the fact that some big things still happened. This event was an "allow me to re-introduce myself" for the deal being finalized.

Also that Greenburg didn't overhype and overpromise was nice

NeoGamer23265d ago

I have no problems with the events and how Microsoft did or did not hype them.

I have a problem with fans saying "What a week for Xbox gamers" and going on some wild comment about how microsoft is so great. They are a company and are after gamer's money. That is all they really want.

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autobotdan66d ago

Skyrim official 60fps nice!

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