"We might have overachieved, to be honest": The making of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

The original Naughty Dog team look back at Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy as it turns 20

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Sonic-and-Crash745d ago (Edited 745d ago )

i miss that old ND with their animated comedy tone of their games (ala looney toones ) ...Uncharted in a way retained that humor and color in the games ...while LoUS turned to be completely dark and serious that imo was unfitting for the company ..

Yes i liked (like everyone else) LoUS1 and bit less LoUS2, though i didnt like the 180 degree turn ND made after Uncharted 3 generally speaking, Crash and Jak s adult type of comedy animation in combination with quality platforming in beautiful worlds is absent from todays Gaming

Amplitude745d ago

I'm sort of expecting the new Ratchet game to take a more "original trilogy/deadlocked" tone rather than a "2016 reboot" tone. I really hope so.

Then we'll pretty much have what you're asking for :p

LucasRuinedChildhood745d ago (Edited 745d ago )

None of what they've shown gives off the vibe of the original trilogy to me, tbh. It looks more like a return to the Future series - a spiritual sequel to A Crack In Time with a focus on dimension shifting instead of time travel. The pirates from A Quest For Booty briefly appeared in a dimension jump as well.

R&C 2016's biggest problem was that it inherited so much cutscenes and writing from the movie, tbh. The Future games had solid storytelling and a decent sense of humour so I think you'll still really enjoy Rift Apart. I know a lot of people want a full return to the OT's writing though.

Amplitude744d ago (Edited 744d ago )


Eh I just mean the humour. That E10+ rating has my hopes up lol. As far as the reboot goes: I still platinumed it but it had a lot of awfulness lol. I could go on about it for hours about how they ruined the character arc and the friendship and made all the characters one-dimensional and the awful ending re-write but lets skip that lol. They shoulda made a new game+movie with a new story instead of butchering a major series' origin story imo

But yeah gameplay is totally Future which is a good thing I think. The Future series was amazing

They got rid of the guy that did the music for the reboot and All 4 One thank god. I just replayed through the hd collection of ps2 games and the soundtracks on them all is just so good. Hope that dude comes back

I'm happy no matter what though lol - so happy this series has survived as long as it has

EmperorDalek745d ago

Still my favourite Naughty Dog game. It's a shame they released a PS2 port instead of the PS3 remaster on PS4.

Kabaneri744d ago

Kinda wish another studio would reboot this series, it had a really cool universe.