Halo Infinite Is Not Open-World, Will Have Dynamic Weather, Random Enemy Encounters, More

343 Industries has shared a lot of new details on Halo Infinite including confirming some of the gameplay details related to the world and more.

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Lexreborn262d ago

Something I’m coming to terms with Microsoft with is. They promise the highest quality but more then not on average hit a medium level of quality/plans. It’s really just a you should learn your lesson by now.

crazyCoconuts62d ago

Personally I remain hopeful on this one. It's had an additional year and from the sounds of it other teams from inside MS chipped in to help. I'm not expecting some masterpiece, but if they could get a solid 8 game out, that would be great.

Fluttershy7762d ago

Yeah! I hope to see a fantastic game, hopefully the best Halo game ever. I am expecting a Masterpiece: I demand a masterpiece. Gow was basically dead (at least for non hardcore fans) the formula was very tired and SM delivered a masterpiece. They didn't have to, but they did... If we're gonna get another generic shooter, don't even bother to name it Halo. That said: if you didn't liked the graphical style of the preview, they won't change that in my opinion, not the style... which I can't define - something near cell shaded, but not exactly- . I didn't like it, but idk I can get used to it... What is unacceptable is how rough some of the animations, some of the characters and objects in the world looked... They had the time to work on the sht, if is not ready they can have even more time (there's not as much console launch pressure now, they already mess up) Ok now 343 you should deliver a Masterpiece, blow our minds, exceed our expectations

annoyedgamer62d ago

They had years to work on it already, if they couldn't make something decent in that time it is clear the talent in 343 is gone.

darthv7262d ago

Wait... was it supposed to be open world? I can't remember, it's been so long since it was first announced. I know the previous games weren't so it's no great loss to me if this one isn't. I play them for their story, not how much freedom of wandering around there is.

Zeref62d ago

I don't see the problem with it not being open world?

FlyGuyHung62d ago

Same. We have plenty of open world games. I actually prefer a more linear, story focused approach to Halo.

If it was open through wouldn't it technically be an "Open Ring", not world? :p

CaptainHenry91662d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Get ready to be disappointed 😞most games that's been in development for over 6 years is not good sign especially after the last underwhelming demo they showed 6 months ago. The good news is we can all play it on gamepass

Pickledpepper62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I agree, take tlou2 and cyberpunk for instance

Kilua62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Yea TLOU 2 was such a disaster that it was only the fastest selling ps exclusive of all time. And the most awarded game in history.

Usually when something wins a lot of awards, or the most awards it means it is terrible, clearly. Or at the very least, if anything, it means it most likely was hated by Everyone. This seems to be the logic the kids are going for nowadays.

TheKingKratos61d ago

The years of development have nothing to do with the quality of any game

you can have a game like Duke which took ages to come out ... only to come out complete crap
You can have a game like TLOU2 who took from 7 years to make and turn out the most awarded game of all time

It all depend on the team who is working on said game to deliver a masterpiece after all those years or flat out utter crap game

NeoGamer23262d ago

MS has been working on quality. I think it is increasing but they have a ways to go to compete with Sony and Nintendo.

majiebeast62d ago

Yeah such high quality like Battletoads,Grounded,Tell me why,Medium,Bleeding Edgy(dead within 3 months) and the Falconeer. Man i cant imagine not playing those gems....

NeoGamer23262d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I am not sure what you are talking about with Falconeer and Medium because neither is a Microsoft published nor developed game. (Guess that tells us all that you know nothing about Microsoft, but regardless).

Grounded is in preview so it is obviously not final quality otherwise they would've shipped the game. (Again, your lack of knowledge, attacking a game that isn't even shipped as a final game is saying that you don't own an XB and really are just popping in here to be a band wagon anti-Microsoft poster - surely you could've did a little bit of research before being so dumb).

So, really you are complaining about Bleeding Edge a game that was started well before MS took over Ninja Theory so I would expect at some point them came to a "cancel, pour a ton more money in, or ship it" decision. Probably chose to ship to see if the game had any potential.

As for Battletoads, Ya, OK, every publisher has its flops. Shall we talk about Sony's flops? Days Gone, Drive Club, Destruction All-Stars, Order 1886 are all barely 70's and below 70's on Metacritic.

Yet last year MS published Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Flight Simulator, Minecraft Dungeons, Gears Tactics, and their studio developed Wasteland 3. All of which are average to above average to excellent quality. I guess since you know nothing about MS you don't bother looking to see what they did good.

So yes, they have games that flop. Everyone does. Is their overall quality moving up? Yes, I think it is.

PS: I see you are a contributor here. Maybe that should be taken away because you really sound like you know nothing about what is happening in gaming,

spicelicka62d ago

Microsoft isn't making this game, 343 is. They can have one dev make low quality games and one with high quality games. I don't you people realize that publishers approve overall direction choices, they don't micro-manage quality.

CaptainHenry91661d ago

The thing is I don't trust 343. They need help

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jjb198162d ago

I'm looking forward to this game just because I want a new Halo game. Let's hope they don't screw this one up. I'm expecting some dynamic encounters so I feel like the world is alive.

SenorFartCushion62d ago


“It was going to be an open world co-op, live service game, but we realised that’s literally all we make, so we changed direction.”

DJStotty62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Halo has never been a live service game, was never planned to be a live service game, and never will be a live service game.

But keep trying.

Out of interest, other than sea of thieves what other GAAS or live service games have Microsoft launched?

SenorFartCushion62d ago

Halo 5’s multiplayer was live service. And the comment is me saying that his new Halo cannot be live service because the other exclusives MS make are live service.

DJStotty62d ago

So because Halo 5 MP had Microtransactions, you translated that into "that’s literally all we make".

Nearly all MP games have MT's attached now, and live service games are on other platforms.

What other exclusives (other than sea of thieves) are live service?

Halo as a game, meaning campaign mode, has never or will be live service. When i think of live service games, the first ones that come to mind are Destiny, fortnite, online only games like that that get constant changes/updates to the world.

I do not class a MP mode attached to a single player game as a live service game, if that is the case you could place around 70% of the games in the live service bracket on all platforms.

Rude-ro62d ago

To be fair.. Microsoft already said they plan to support this halo for some time rather than being a one-off campaign.
Saying that, it could be mistaken that their intention was more like a live service destiny.
Their words not mine.
“Halo Infinite is the start of our platform for the future,” he said. “We want Infinite to grow over time, versus going to those numbered titles and having all that segmentation that we had before. It’s really about creating Halo Infinite as the start of the next ten years for Halo and then building that as we go with our fans and community.”

It just comes down to how one perceived the meaning of this.
Games as a service is a single game supported with additional content over time.
Example. Fortnite was a gas.. but free to play. If a player chose to add additional content, it would cost said player.

So I would not jump on the word “never” too quickly.

DJStotty62d ago


I agree, they said they had a 10 year plan type thing for Infinite, but i think it will be the last Halo, and they are just meaning they will provide additional content ala DLC. They want to get away from the numbers.

But who knows, they may make it live service, but i do not think they will.

CaptainHenry91662d ago (Edited 62d ago )

"But who knows, they may make it live service, but i do not think they will."

I know you don't want to say it but I'll say it for you.
They will make it a live service. And deep down you know it as well 😂

DJStotty59d ago (Edited 59d ago )


" know you don't want to say it but I'll say it for you.
They will make it a live service. And deep down you know it as well 😂"

Lol, i think you missed the part where is said the following, either that or you chose to ignore it

"but i think it will be the last Halo, and they are just meaning they will provide additional content ala DLC."

Even if they do, is that a bad thing? my gripe was with people saying Halo has previously been a live service game, this is false.

A question, please give an honest answer, how is Halo Infinite going to become a live service game? you must know seeing as your so confident it will be?

They have said they want Infinite to be the "platform" that being the key word, i'm assuming it will be like the MCC, where you can select campaigns, as and when they release DLC etc.

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chiefJohn11762d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Your name says it all your not even worth the time or energy.

DOMination-62d ago

Halo is probably the IP most suited to being a live service game, being that it's so multiplayer focused. There is some weird thing on N4G that a "live service" = bad. Look at Forza Horizon 4 though, the devs release new content every month and although I'm not hardcore enough to go back all the time, I I do go back quite often to see what's happening. And that game is nearly three years old and is still thriving.

I honestly think most people here are just confused with the definition and think it means microtransactions or loot boxes or something.

DJStotty59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

GAAS/software as a service - monetized content, monthly fee etc, or MT's like in free to play games.

Live service games - content that is created and released to keep a game alive/gamers engaged, normally free content, or paid DLC/expansions (one off payment).

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akaFullMetal62d ago

" - Dual-wielding is not supported in the game since the developers want to focus on the current weapon arsenal.
- There are no playable Elites in the game but they could be added later if the time comes.
- Weapon upgrades don’t make the cut but players will be able to upgrade equipment items and find “cool weapon variants” to unlock in the game.

Sounds like the game will still need some updating when the game releases.

SenorFartCushion62d ago

Yet it isn’t live service? Lol Alright, MS.


--Onilink--62d ago

Im starting to think that most people here dont even know what a GaaS/Live service game is anymore....

Regardless of what Infinite ends up being, having updates doesnt make it a live service game....

SpeedDemon61d ago

That makes about as much sense as your claim that Overwatch is a f2p game because it has loot creates.

sinspirit61d ago


They already said that Halo Infinite will be a game akin to Destiny in that it will be updated over many years. They said it will be a their focus for the next 10 years and receive content, updates, and continue to be built upon. There won't be any sequels during that time, according to them.

I love when people try and make others look crazy for their own lack of research on the topic.

--Onilink--61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


Thats why I said the part about regardless of what Infinite ends up being.

It still doesnt change the fact that simple updates to add certain features dont make it a live service game.
It would be like saying Ghost of Tsushima is a live service game because they added loadouts in an update

DJStotty59d ago

Fallout 76, ESO are live service, Halo is nothing like them.

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Tacoboto62d ago

Dual Wielding kinda ruined the balance of plasma weapons in Halo 2/3; does anyone *actually* want those back? The pistol also really sucked and the Needler became the one one-handed non-dual-wieldable weapon.

Playable Elites really nerf you in MP; the body shape causes the head to stick out more and makes you an easier target.

Weapon upgrades are a damned-either-way situation. Single-player-only, people will complain it's not in MP. If it's in MP, the game is not Halo and it's copying COD.

PrinceAli62d ago

So now Halo2/3 were bad loool!?

thebobbywhite262962d ago

@PrinceAli Where did he say halo 2 and 3 were bad you numbskull?

SenorFartCushion62d ago

Weapons that cheese the experience are fun, though.

That’s one word that devs need to learn again: fun.

Tacoboto62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I just replayed Halo 3's campaign this week and played two competitive matches on Xbox before starting up with work this morning. The new maps on the PC Flight are also gorgeous as heck. On Social I've had only Halo 3 and 2 Anniversary selected for the last week.
Times I dual-wielded in MP: none
Elites I saw in Competitive: none
Elites I see in Social: whoever the player is that I kill the most

Halo 2/2A/3 are my favorite feeling Halos, but that certainly doesn't mean they were perfect, or that I even dare think I have a shot at winning a shootout with a Plasma Rifle + SMG against someone with a BR more than 10' away.

Vegamyster61d ago

You're getting downvoted but your not wrong, objectively dual wielding was never implemented well or great because the battle rifle or even carbine destroyed every other common weapon in nearly every scenario, there was never a reason to use it outside of SMG's since everyone had one until you got a BR and the plasma pistol because it was cheesy.

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-Foxtrot62d ago

People have been asking for dual wielding since after Halo 3 as they dropped it in future titles.

Kilua61d ago

Lmao how out of touch some of these fans ares, they'd rather make excuses it seems.

Zhipp60d ago

343 already stated in an interview that (the multiplayer side) of Infinite will be a service game. I don't know what the confusion is. The Live service model is trash when it is forced onto something that should be a complete experience on it's own, but it's great for multiplayer titles like League of Legends, Splatoon, or, yes, Fortnite.

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anast62d ago

This game is going to suck.

King_Noctis62d ago

Did you build a time machine?

annoyedgamer62d ago

I see the signs though. MS is wrecking studios right now. Look at how they botched Crackdown.

62d ago
King_Noctis62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

“ MS is wrecking studios right now. Look at how they botched Crackdown.”

Uhh Crackdown 3 developer is not owned by MS. So how did they “wrecked” them? And what other studios are they “wrecking” right now?

“ History is the best predictor of the future.”

So does games like Forza Horizon 4 and Gears 5 lead us to predict that MS will make more good games?

Phoenix7662d ago (Edited 62d ago )

MS May not own the devs, but as the publisher they did have control over the project. Don't forget, it was MS who were pushing for use of "cloud based destruction physics" which ultimately, and let's be real about it, was the main reason why the final release product was so bad. Because when it was realised that it wasn't possible with current tech, they took game back to the drawing board for a "quick" revision.

Locutus_of_borg62d ago

"History is the best predictor of the future."

If anything, History learns us not to make the same mistakes or same actions again...

DOMination-62d ago

I see the signs though. Sony is wrecking studios right now. Look at how they botched The Order 1886.

RedDevils61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@Locutus_of_borg Not in MS book they repeats the mistakes over and over again.

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