Star Citizen Developers Fed Up After Being Expected To Work During Devastating Texas Snowstorm

Last month, the entirety of Texas ground to a halt after a colossal winter storm pushed the state’s cordoned-off power grid to the brink. Power and heat outages, as well as resulting food and water shortages, led many businesses to temporarily shut down. This included a large number of Texan video game studios. Of those that did not, however, one stands out: Cloud Imperium Games, whose employees’ confidence in the company remains shaken after they spent the week trying to juggle work and survival.

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RazzerRedux62d ago

“CIG is saddened to hear these allegations from the anonymous sources,” a company spokesperson said in an email. “Our staff’s safety and well-being are a priority to us at all times. The Austin offices have remained closed to general staff since the beginning of the pandemic, with teams working from home. In the immediate aftermath of the Texas storm, studio leadership reached out to all 100+ Austin employees through their managers and individually to offer support; and continues to do so with actionable assistance for all of those who were affected.”

That's a shitty response. First they throw shade on the whole thing by highlighting "anonymous sources", but they don't bother to say that they are looking into the "allegations". People already have a ton of distrust for CIG and piss-poor management of situations like this doesn't help.

rdgneoz362d ago (Edited 62d ago )

"The first communication, which Kotaku has viewed, began by saying that employees’ “safety is of the utmost importance and should continue to be prioritized over everything else.” In it, CIG also promised flexible work schedules and made ovations in the direction of supporting employees through ordeals like power outages. Ultimately, though, the email came back around to the same idea as prior messages from managers: Time off would require use of PTO, and work would continue, in some capacity, despite a statewide emergency."

If I don't go to work, I have to use PTO or I don't get paid. At times we can stay late to make up work, or come in at times on off days or early to make up for it. Not sure why people would expect to get paid for not working without having to use PTO. If you can work, work. If you can't, PTO or don't get paid.

p.s. Working at a hospital, I have to go in during natural disasters as I'm considered essential and may have to stay longer than my shift if needed. Yay essential...

Orchard62d ago

Hospitals are critical services/jobs - even during a statewide emergency - video game development is not.

lipton10162d ago

They should focus on making a game that’s actually playable instead of pushing dlc at a cost of hundreds or thousands of dollars

DerfDerf62d ago

This just tells me you know absolutely nothing about the game. It's been playable for years. It has more content now than most AAA games have.

zawepa62d ago

"They should focus on making a game that’s actually playable"

the game is playable and in much better shape than cyberpunk.

BiofourceGun62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I take it this IP will always attract those that refuse to play it. even when it goes free for a whole week.

jjb198162d ago

Well guess what? You just pulled landscaping duty. Anybody else's fingers hurt? Hmph, I didn't think so.

Epicent3r124962d ago

LOL dude omg I needed that today on this shitty afternoon. Happy Gilmore was such a great movie

Epicent3r124962d ago

I literally got downvoted for someone's comment cheering me up? So much butthurt in the world

jjb198161d ago

I don't know why, that's what I thought about when I read that headline. You got downvoted because some people are just so sensitive. Happy Gilmore is Legendary! Now you will go to sleep, or I will put you to sleep.

Azurite62d ago

Apparently they just had to clock in(from home) without any work expected from them and can expect to be fully paid anyway.

uth1162d ago

Why? Whats one week of lost productivity for a game thats never going to be finished anyway?

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